Translation of traverse in Spanish:


atravesar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈtravəs//trəˈvərs//trəˈvəːs/

transitive verb

  • 1formal, literary

    a region traversed by rivers una región surcada de ríos
    • He would repeatedly cheer us up by assuring us that our team was the first to uninterruptedly traverse this difficult, and unique, coast-to-coast route.
    • Both traversed the forest swiftly and easily, scurrying over rocks and against foliage with utmost grace.
    • It has been a long road to freedom, traversing the difficult terrain of learning to live with each other, learning to accept each other.
    • In 1991, he traversed the State, covering 2,850 km on a bicycle.
    • Deserts were crossed, mountains were scaled, forests were traversed, icebergs were negotiated.
    • He spends his summers traversing the Midwest in his studio Winnebago, painting lush forest scenes resplendent with deer, lakes, and waterfalls on things like garage doors.
    • In total they covered 67.5 miles, traversing the loch three times, in water that was only a shivering 11 degrees centigrade.
    • ‘Joseph,’ Conall spoke up, as they reached the edge of the forest, having traversed the distance in silence.
    • It is possible to traverse the entire range by walking the two-thousand-mile Appalachian Trail.
    • In traversing the country, you can expect to pass through San Jose a few times, so enjoy yourself.
    • The total area traversed by participants covers thousands of square miles.
    • After three days in the forest, they had spent another four traversing the extensive foothills before reaching the Mountains.
    • I watched the man with furtive caution as we traversed the forest, for I didn't trust him, even if he did not seem villainous.
    • By the time we had traversed the thickly forested coastal plain it was dark, and nothing could be seen through the windows except the black night.
    • Before the advent of roads or railways, the sheer difficulty in traversing Peru's geography was one of the greatest obstacles to solidifying a national identity.
    • Before I knew it, we had traversed Yellowhead Pass, one of the lowest in the Continental Divide, yet, at 3,718 feet, the highest point the train crosses.
    • Wild animals and birds traversing contiguous forest stretches have no clue that there might be restrictions.
    • From Trowunna I head north, leaving behind the forested hills of the interior to traverse an expanse of rolling countryside strikingly reminiscent of England.
    • That will see him traversing the Americas, covering the 25,000 kilometres from Ushuia, the world's most southern city, up to the icy wastes of Alaska.
    • Starting from Taiwan, he traversed the Indian Ocean after passing through the Strait of Malacca.
  • 2

    (in mountaineering, skiing)
    (slope) atravesar
    • From here on out it's pretty much easy stuff, so just get up however you feel like it by traversing to the right.
    • Point Release avalanches are not very dangerous, but can knock you over, so watch out for them if you are traversing along a cliff side!
    • Four of the group had already traversed the slope on skis; the fifth was on crampons when a small snow slab of some 30 cm depth took him and another trainee over cliffs.
    • Right before the steepest section, we were able to traverse onto a rock ledge and have lunch.
    • As the gully became wider on the descent, we were forced to traverse ever farther left, on tiny broken ledges, eventually reaching the top of the wall.
    • Witnesses saw an avalanche start as a skier left the pistes and traversed the slope.
    • We roped up at the base, did our cross-check, then climbed up a short wall and across easy slopes, traversing upward and left until we reached an obvious belay.
    • Surveying as we went we soon reached the pool and had no problem traversing around.
    • He then continued along the wall ahead, and after about 50 m or so began traversing around an overhang.
    • A continuation of the river may be found at the bottom of the mud slope, but the way on is to traverse round to the right.
    • Although most skiers traverse the Inside Road from north to south, both directions demand stamina with substantial elevation gains and losses.
    • By traversing over the pitch a dry crawl is reached, containing a few formations, which shortly divides at a T-junction.
    • So when you arrive at the gym, take about 5 minutes to traverse at the base of the wall.
    • About fifteen feet up the heap is a crawl-through, which leads to more traversing in a fissure passage, and a straddle down a short chimney onto blocks.
    • The time-pressed can try bouldering, which entails traversing and short ascents that can be completed sans rope.
    • This looks quite frightening from the top, but it is easily descended by traversing to the far side of the hole.
    • When the time came to retrieve the plates, we had to traverse slopes that had more than a meter of new snow.
    • Yet more traversing on easy ledges above the stream channel enables one to gain the top of ‘Lake Pot’, which lands, funnily enough, in a lake!
    • From there, we traversed across ledges and slabs toward the next belay.
    • The same point can reached from below the short wall at the top of Jeune Ecole by traversing rightwards 10m.
    • Pass your right foot in front of your left (or perhaps, in extreme circumstances, behind); this is a ‘step-through’, used a lot in traversing.
    • They were traversing Windy Ridge in Uintah back country known for heavy avalanche activity, he said.
    • Once on the slab, I should have traversed about 15 feet left and then gone up.
    • I lose an hour traversing left to a dubious bridge, from which I leap onto the face, metal-clawed hands and feet stabbing into the snow.
    • Speaking of which, even with the late arrival of winter, Pamporovo was definitely fit for skiing last weekend with tons of snow and every ski run ready to be traversed.


  • 1formal

    (act of crossing)
    travesía feminine
    • Right now, they will design the rover's traverses based on visual data from the images and will give her specific commands and directions.
    • The traverse of the ridge should be within the capabilities of any reasonably fit walker.
    • As well as his Taranaki successes Ian completed a grand traverse of Mount Cook: from The Hermitage to the mountain and back again in 28 hours, a climb that usually takes three days.
    • The explorers would undertake long traverses, thoroughly studying and recording the characteristics of the region around their landing site.
    • This spot, perhaps more than any other, has witnessed the traverse of the world's great armies on campaigns of conquest to and from South and Central Asia.
    • As any seasoned Gotham pavement pounder will tell you, the traverse from, say, the Harlem River to the South Ferry Terminal is no easy stroll.
    • The high traverse of the undulating, narrow ridge led to the final difficulties of the day.
    • From Osmaston's guide, it appeared that no one had made a complete traverse of the Stanley Plateau.
    • But he didn't answer, simply stumbled into the middle of the road, disrupting the monotonous traverse of the sedans and hatchbacks and wagons.
    • On day seven the hiking group is met by a re-supply group at Bannerman's Pass and among those in the revictualling group is Ida de Villiers, who had buddied with Jenny on two previous traverses.
    • It was a traverse through a world of humility, patience and submission - a long and tedious journey to be undertaken with faith, conviction and cheerfulness.
    • They'll find out soon enough, and the traverses across the featureless, flat topography of Meridiani Planum is going to make for ‘smooth sailing’ for the rover.
    • Mr Tate, an experienced walker, has completed the same traverse undertaken by Mr Johnson.
    • After a long traverse the path turns right and enters a stand of conifers.
    • And indeed, our short traverse to my home was not without incident.
  • 2

    (in mountaineering, skiing)
    travesía feminine
    • Underground I was rather nervous at first but that soon disappeared except for a few places such as the first set of traverses, which for a normal fit person would be fine.
    • I duly followed, passing a man trying to negotiate the slabby traverse.
    • The final section of the traverse was a bit of a challenge: delicate, balancey moves with next to nothing for hands or feet.
    • A traverse then leads to a ledge from which a short narrow descent may be rigged to the streamway below.
    • We made good time to the Skeleton Domes area and squeezed up into the Rat Race to reach a series of traverses and climbs that came close to exceeding my confidence factor.
    • We drop through Navajo Basin to about 12,300 feet at the base of the face, making a few turns and traverses on crusty snow.
    • It was his second time on the traverse and his return this summer was in preparation for a winter assault negotiating the eleven peaks.
    • This was handy, but also meant that the heavy bag of rope I had lugged in, getting constantly trapped in the narrow rift below the traverses, was all for nothing - oh well!
    • Also, skiers doing long traverses with little emphasis on making turns found the lightweight edged Nordic skis to be a good tool.
    • The way back follows a less popular route, via a rocky cleft above the lower lake, which begins with a traverse on which, I must confess, I tried to avoid looking down.
    • Everybody, even our best skiers, cautiously sidestepped down the first narrow pitch, then made cautious traverses and kick turns.
    • During his days at Camp Hale, Winter participated in the legendary ski traverse made by 33 soldiers from Hale to Aspen, in 1944.
    • A short traverse led to the foot of the cornice and I managed to ease my way across to it, virtually hanging from my ice axe.
    • Finally, I rounded the giant granite corner of the traverse, relieved to find Ben in sight again.
    • We made the traverse out and were at the last climb for the easy path leading back to homebase.
    • He'd make a powerful traverse, knock off a good-sized avalanche, then turn around and make a few turns where the slide had scoured.
    • Long, scary traverses and razor sharp rock require the confidence and the security of half ropes.
    • I have second thoughts as I begin to cut a traverse up and across a powdery leeward slope.
    • This is best learned on an overhanging traverse, or at least, that's how I learned it.
    • Alan climbed up to a high traverse to see if they could be bypassed but there was no easy way on.
    • The way on is a traverse round a mud bank to the left, which climbs into a passage above the calcite floor.
    • An unprotectable traverse back across the route goes on for about 10m.
    • For our backpacking trips and multi-day ski traverses we like the Nimbus Ozone.
    • The traverse was fine, it circled the gym - not too hard to stay on but fun enough to stay on all the way around.
    • When they reached the steep traverse off the ridge that had been their only difficulty on the way up, Douglas Hadow again began to have trouble keeping his footing.
  • 3

    navegación en zigzag feminine
  • 4

    • 4.1(gallery)

      galería feminine

    • 4.2(on trench)

      barrera de protección feminine
      • "Sir," announced an orderly, poking his head around a traverse in the trench, "dinner is served."
      • This ship is full of officers and men who are quite likely to be utterly ignorant of what was going on round the next traverse in the trench which they had occupied.