Translation of trawl in Spanish:


hacer pesca de arrastre, v.

Pronunciation /trɔːl//trɔl/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer pesca de arrastre
    pescar con red de arrastre
    they were trawling for herring estaban pescando arenque con red de arrastre

transitive verb

  • 1

    (waters/seabed) (con red de arrastre) pescar en
  • 2

    to trawl sth for sth buscar algo en algo
    • he was trawling the newspapers for jobs estaba buscando ofertas de empleo en los periódicos
    • But as I trawled through them all, I began to worry.
    • There is a web facility which trawls all online news stories and writes a sort of composite article.
    • I trawled through the accounts for the last three years to see where it had gone and found a host of different funds, all with balances.
    • I trawled through bookshops, I searched for the perfect cup of coffee, I bought records by Ella Fitzgerald from the second hand record shop on the way to the Grafton Centre.
    • It paddles along the surface for thirty seconds, then dives to trawl the muddy bottom for worms and aquatic insects.
    • I trawled the MT support forum for relevant assistance.
    • She trawls auctions and markets for 50's and 60's retro designs.
    • So this evening hasn't been entirely productive - but four hours trawling the web has allowed me to gain good product knowledge and find solutions that will cost me £160 less than I had budgeted.
    • For his research, Mr Shaw trawled through the minutes of more than 600 meetings, many beautifully hand-written in old Woolworths jotters.
    • It is believed the group trawls the internet targeting websites where the registration has lapsed.
    • As part of their investigation, the police even trawled through the Evening Advertiser's CCTV footage to see if the thieves had been caught in the act.
    • And 20-odd years of experience earned in the contracts field and trawling the trade fairs and factories of Italy, Germany and Spain has given the couple plenty of time to suss out what works and what wears well.
    • For two days we trawled a patch of water 3 miles or so off Mevagissey.
    • Stuck in Troy's apartment and unwilling to face the brashness of Broadway on a snowy February night in the heart of Manhattan, I instead surfed the internet and trawled through New York City's real estate turnover.
    • But for whatever reason, even trawling my memory of the movie I can't come up with any directorial choices that seemed to enhance or deepen the movie.
    • After his death, I trawled through all of his speeches I could locate, from his maiden speech at Westminster to the verbatim report of proceedings at Holyrood.
    • Cynically, I could say their set list had a slight stench of predictability as they trawled through singles off both albums, finishing with the better known hits but leaving out a lot of their trademark experimentation.
    • The contraption is trawling the waters between the Bridgewater Canal at Castlefield, through the Rochdale Canal in Manchester city centre and up the Ashton Canal to collect rubbish dumped in the water by visitors and locals.
    • She has spent long hours trawling the streets of Dumbarton to collect signatures for a petition, and she helped to organise a public meeting, opposing the health board proposals, which was attended by 300 people.
    • He trawled through public libraries and records offices for information about the ‘chariots’, and attempted to trace some of the people in his father's photographs and letters.


  • 1also trawl net

    red de (pesca de) arrastre feminine
  • 2also trawl line

    palangre masculine
    espinel masculine