Translation of treachery in Spanish:


traición, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtrɛtʃ(ə)ri//ˈtrɛtʃ(ə)ri/

nounPlural treacheries

  • 1

    traición feminine
    an act of treachery una traición
    • He accomplished this task by treachery, secrecy, speed and dishonesty.
    • I am stunned at their casual treachery to this country, to humanity.
    • Lady Macbeth feels that if her husband does not enjoy his royalty, then all of their deceit and treachery has been for nothing.
    • It would, therefore, have been an act of treachery not to speak on behalf on the people that he represented.
    • Any threat to this peace must be treated as an act of treachery - a traitor's action.
    • These are deliberate acts of treachery and are roundly condemned.
    • It is a story of intrigue, deception and treachery.
    • This was considered an act of treachery at a time when Britain was experiencing difficulties in North Afrika against Rommel's Afrika Korps.
    • We will not forget that treachery, and we will accept nothing less than victory over the enemy.
    • This would be seen as treachery despite the fact that it could be a key step in the revitalisation of the economy on both sides.
    • The film revolves around crimes of passion based on unrequited love, lust, treachery and revenge.
    • Already on this very day this step of his is put down as one of the greatest acts of treachery in Hungary's history.
    • Here was one of my intellectual heroes committing an act of ideological treachery.
    • In the end, an amazing tale of deceit and treachery is played out between these two men.
    • But we should not allow him, or his friends, to forget his own personal treachery.
    • Many of the local double as actors, and twice a week they play out their heritage, s story of love and treachery.
    • Pirates like Blackbeard have been feared and fabled for centuries in stories of treachery at sea and buried treasure.
    • From the perspective of Russian strategists, this proposal smacks of incredible stupidity or even treachery.
    • The centuries that followed were full of intrigue and treachery.
    • In Islamic folklore, however, they symbolize deceit, treachery, and adultery.