Translation of treason in Spanish:


traición, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtriːz(ə)n//ˈtrizən/


  • 1

    traición feminine
    an act of treason una traición
    • The charges include treason, conspiracy to commit treason and being accessories to treason.
    • Once labelled a terrorist, he was convicted of treason and jailed for 27 years.
    • Prosecutors are demanding life sentences for five suspected militants charged with a crime similar to treason.
    • It is absolutely out of order to suggest that an honourable member of this House is committing treason.
    • Following the overthrow of the Raterepublik, he was indicted for high treason but was subsequently acquitted of all charges.
    • Everyone knows that murder and manslaughter, kidnapping and terrorism, treason and high treason existed long before today's penal codes.
    • Franco eliminated universal suffrage and viewed any criticism of the regime as treason.
    • It is the goal of all agents to bravely expose treason and hidden crimes in order to safeguard national security.
    • He said that his lawyer advised him to leave Kenya as it was rumoured that he would soon be charged with sedition and treason.
    • In times of wars the church stood at the forefront of sedition and treason, unless it saw some advantage for itself.
    • The erstwhile British colonial rulers used the fort to try the freedom fighters after convicting them of treason.
    • In some other countries that would be called treason or treachery.
    • She had no idea what she'd done to be charged with a serious crime like treason.
    • Military officials initially told the press that he might face charges of espionage and sedition, even treason.
    • The security laws ban treason, sedition, subversion and the theft of state secrets.
    • Radical leaders were arrested on charges of high treason after they held a national convention.
    • To resist the will of the sovereign was treason, and to avoid exile, or even the block, it was necessary to tread carefully.
    • Equally ominous is the extension of the definition of treason, regarded as one of the most serious political crimes of all.
    • Sacrificing you, or simply having you killed for treason, would have only led to more conflict.
    • Duress has been recognised as a general defence to all crimes except treason and murder.