Translation of treasury in Spanish:


erario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtrɛʒ(ə)ri//ˈtrɛʒ(ə)ri/


  • 1

    • 1.1(public, communal funds)

      erario masculine
      tesoro masculine
      • And that, in turn, is what provides revenues to the federal treasury, which enable you then to pay for things.
      • According to health department officials, this will deliver double benefits: reducing the consumption of cigarettes as well as providing more tax revenues for the treasury.
      • While he conceded that borrowing might be necessary in the early part of a war, before the revenue from war taxes began to flow into the treasury, he insisted that borrowing be kept to a minimum as a temporary expedient only.
      • Even the corporate treasuries of a number of nonfinancial corporations are engaged in this activity.
      • It has pursued a deliberate policy of bankrupting the public treasury in order to finance tax breaks for the rich.
      • At the same time, the central government was engaged in privatizing moribund state firms and assets, which supplemented the treasury's revenue intake.
      • But they have no right to dip into public treasuries to fund their religious mission.
      • Each member would pay a monthly amount into the treasury of the society or periodically would be assessed; in turn he would receive benefits if he lost his job or was unable to work because of illness or disability.
      • The money they control comes out of their own pockets, not from the rich coffers of a corporate treasury or from hapless public investors.
      • Since the district banks are owned not by the federal government but by the commercial banks, reductions in the discount rate do not affect the public treasury.
      • Derivatives are commonly packaged as ‘bond-like’ instruments and sold to the knuckleheads that manage things like pension funds and the treasuries of state and local governments.
      • For the economy, this means among other things, negative effects on earnings, employment and revenue accruals to the treasury.
      • The signed treaty also helped to heighten the likelihood of prompt flows of revenue into the national treasury from oil and gas exploitation.
      • At the same time, a profit-sharing mechanism would be formulated to retain some of their profits to the public treasury.
      • Chile, in contrast, is said to have built up a surplus in its public treasury before undertaking its pension reform.
      • There are unrealistic expectations both of Martin himself - which have been fed by his strategy of trying to be all things to all people - and of the capacity of the federal treasury to fund new programs.
      • He adds that it is necessary because, after he raised the corporate tax in the 1990s, funds to the treasury actually fell, as companies used loopholes to avoid taxes.
      • Also, as in Argentina, privatization had the advantage of bringing funds into the national treasury.
      • ‘I think things will get worse before they get better,’ said Enda Coll, manager of institutional treasury at Anglo Irish Bank.
      • Neither Bush nor Schwarzenegger said whether any progress had been or could be made in directing more federal funds to California in light of the looting of the federal treasury to fund those policies.

    • 1.2

      the Treasury / the treasury el tesoro (público)
      • (in US) Department of the Treasury Departamento del Tesoro (de los Estados Unidos)
      • before noun (in UK Parliament) the Treasury Bench los escaños de los miembros del Gobierno
      • treasury stock (in UK) bonos del estado

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    antología feminine
    she's a treasury of local anecdotes se sabe montones de anécdotas del lugar
    • He found his inspiration in the Jewellery Gallery of the Hermitage in St Petersburg, the greatest treasury of western art in Russia.
    • It's a veritable Winnie museum, a treasury of one woman's conceit of herself as the peppery, tartan Boadicea of truth, justice and parliamentary sub-committees.
    • All souls were created at the beginning of time, and are stored in a celestial treasury until the time of birth.
    • Some new translations and commentaries of ancient writings are veritable treasuries of ancient popular beliefs.
    • As its publicity rightly says, ‘Kate's Kitchen’ is a ‘veritable treasury of gourmet delights’.
    • Great law libraries are the treasuries of a legal system.
    • Next door to it is a museum, reportedly a treasury of art and sculpture.
    • The treasury has been converted into a bright little museum of censers, illuminated manuscripts and paintings.