Translation of tremble in Spanish:


temblar, v.

Pronunciation: /ˈtrɛmbəl//ˈtrɛmb(ə)l/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    I was trembling with fear temblaba de miedo
    • my legs/hands were trembling me temblaban las piernas/las manos
    • I tremble at the thought that … tiemblo al pensar que …


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    temblor masculine
    to be all of a tremble estar / temblar como un flan informal
    • She could hear her raging heart beat wildly in her ears and she trembled with excitement and anxiety.
    • She could feel his hands trembling slightly at her waist.
    • Her hand trembled slightly, and then it began to positively shake.
    • My body quivered, my hands trembled, and my eyes began to fill with tears.
    • Still trembling slightly, I returned to the kitchen and made a pot of strong coffee.
    • Ivory's lip trembled slightly and her body shook with fear.
    • My hands trembled slightly as I locked my bike in front of the Rittenhouse Hotel.
    • With her slim fingers slightly trembling, Amy disengaged the key he'd given her from her ring and let it spill from her hand to the floor.
    • He trembled slightly and said he wanted to be friends.
    • And he smote the air with his fists, and believers trembled with excitement.
    • She began to tremble slightly in anticipation.
    • She's composed, but her lower lip's trembling slightly, and every few seconds, she'd bite it to try make it stop.
    • He removed his own coat, putting it around her scrawny shoulders which were trembling slightly, then reached down to place her hand in his.
    • Adam walked beside me, still trembling slightly.
    • ‘When the first truckload arrived, my hand was slightly trembling when shooting,’ he wrote.
    • His eyes were dull and he was trembling slightly.
    • He had broken out into a sweat and was trembling slightly.
    • The rain had stopped an hour ago and now a chill swept the air, rustling damp leaves and cutting through bare flesh which shook, trembled, beneath its rabid touch.
    • It was still trembling, so slightly he could barely feel it.
    • I trembled with excitement as my ship rumbled to life.