Translation of tremendous in Spanish:


tremendo, adj.

Pronunciation /trɪˈmɛndəs//trəˈmɛndəs/


  • 1

    (great, huge)
    (difference/disappointment) tremendo
    (difference/disappointment) enorme
    (success/speed) tremendo
    (blow/explosion) terrible
    (blow/explosion) tremendo
    she has tremendous charisma tiene muchísimo carisma
    • she was a tremendous help me (or nos etc.) ayudó muchísimo
    • Not once did she make a sound indicating tremendous physical exertion.
    • That was pleasing, but just being part of a magnificent day brought a tremendous sense of pride and good feeling.
    • We have tremendous respect for their work and they would be excellent allies and strong performers on the Cabinet.
    • There was tremendous enthusiasm among radicals everywhere for the new Paris Commune form of government.
    • The cat can, as you've been experiencing in your country, cause a tremendous amount of damage.
    • There has been tremendous concern about consumer interests and how they are affected by the genetics revolution.
    • I am suffering from major overload of a tremendous amount of food right now.
    • It can make us rude, abrupt and impatient, but it can also inspire us to tremendous courage, bravery and leadership.
    • I've met a lot of other people who like it, but I've also heard a tremendous amount of banter about people who don't.
    • Personally Mike combined intellectual brilliance with tremendous charm and wit.
    • Also, being thanked for doing a good job brings tremendous satisfaction.
    • They achieved a tremendous amount in the run-up to devolution and since 1999.
    • The staff, many of whom know them well, make a tremendous fuss which is lovely to see.
    • The helicopter would display their logo providing a tremendous amount of publicity across a vast area.
    • Dominating the local coastline, no one could fail to be impressed by this tremendous Norman fortress.
    • Among his many talents were a tremendous creative range, gifted musicianship and a savage wit.
    • This in itself inspired a tremendous growth in investigative journalism.
    • This fella is a fantastic athlete who has tremendous power and exceptional skills and movement.
    • The pair were inside the bungalow in Sladbury's Lane, Clacton, when there was a tremendous crack and the sky lit up.
    • It's a tremendous inspiration when you see these guys every morning.
  • 2

    (very good)
    her performance is tremendous su actuación es formidable / fantástica
    • he's a tremendous athlete es un atleta formidable
    • we had a tremendous time lo pasamos estupendo / fantástico
    • the landscape is tremendous el paisaje es increíble / hermosísimo
    • The National Health Service in York does a tremendous job for many people.
    • We are trying to support the tremendous quality job that they are doing.
    • It was a tremendous turn-out and a lovely community atmosphere, with everybody joining in.
    • Seeing so many York fans at London was absolutely fantastic and underlines how tremendous they have been all season.
    • Her prognosis was originally extremely poor, but fortunately she has made tremendous progress over the years.
    • Just to play in the Open would have been amazing, but to play in front of such a phenomenal crowd was tremendous.
    • I can imagine she is doing a tremendous job in what must be indescribable circumstances.
    • The response to our redesign and relaunch has been tremendous, and is inspiring us to keep improving the paper.
    • To be fair to the players, they have done a tremendous job, but the job isn't complete and I get the feeling that one or two of them think it is.
    • The weather was fantastic and full use was made of the tremendous facilities at the popular holiday venue.
    • I've had a tremendous time there and made some terrific friends on and off the pitch and it's sad to be leaving them behind.
    • But it is wonderful to recognise the tremendous spirit of others in helping the family through their grief.
    • To finish third and qualify for the Champions League was tremendous.
    • The teachers did a tremendous job, many of them going above and beyond the call of duty.
    • We went up in one of those and it was tremendous, a marvellous little airship.
    • The champion put on a tremendous display but could not floor the American, who previously held the IBF title.
    • Saturday's Super League Grand Final against Bradford will be a tremendous occasion.
    • Not only is road grip tremendous and cornering balance superb, but the steering is precision at its best.
    • Any turmoil in my life has served as nothing but tremendous inspiration for my music.
    • He passed the ball accurately and made some tremendous inspirational runs down the left.