Translation of trendy in Spanish:


moderno, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtrɛndi//ˈtrɛndi/

adjectivetrendiest, trendier

  • 1

    modernoso informal
    his ideas are very trendy at the moment sus ideas están muy de moda actualmente
    • a bunch of trendy lefties un montón de izquierdistas progres
    • she was wearing a very trendy outfit iba vestida muy moderna / a la última moda
    • this part of town is getting very trendy este barrio se está poniendo de moda
    • One can be trendy and fashionable and still keep in touch with one's cultural roots.
    • The classy curls, gels, trendy perms, and chic colours have not seemed to inspire us!
    • If you think their wish list is headed by the latest toys or trendy clothes, guess again.
    • It is tempting for trendy writers to portray him as a tool of rich imperialists oppressing the poor convicts.
    • And a host of trendy fashion houses are clamouring to be the first to get the designs on their shelves.
    • He said he offered a range of services, including trendy cuts, highlighting and other general men's cuts.
    • She tries to make it four times a week and rewards her dedication with trendy clothes.
    • The clothes are vibrant, trendy and snazzy, just the right type for your child.
    • You are only slowing down your own growth rate through symbolic, righteous and trendy protest.
    • There are trendy surf-style shops and local designers doing their thing.
    • And so it becomes more and more chic in trendy places to drink wine from foreign countries.
    • Little wonder consumers care a great deal for this trendy fashion accessory.
    • Some awful trendy logo which would go out of fashion in a few months?
    • Each doll also comes with an extra face plate, trendy fashions and a cool messenger bag.
    • Police have warned trendy youngsters to take care with their designer baseball caps in a bid to halt a spate of thefts.
    • In fact, I have a feeling that what endears the place to me is its almost meticulous lack of trendy design.
    • He's a busy man but takes time out to play golf and put together a chic and trendy photo book every year.
    • Well it's their level: a funky, trendy marketing fad, that is quite probably pointless.
    • Hip young Indians sipping tequilas and strutting their designer gear in trendy bars and discos are now commonplace.
    • But the road is a different cup of tea for the more affluent and trendy Jakartans.

nounPlural trendies


  • 1

    persona a la moda feminine informal derogatory
    Politics progre feminine informal
    • The crowd are an uneasy alliance of asymmetric-haired trendies and what may be their polar opposite: nervous, bespectacled thirty-something men who look like they regularly won the maths prize at school.
    • Just like French films - in which the Eiffel Tower is visible outside every window - Japanese young trendies all live in slick digs looking out over Tokyo Tower.
    • Recently the Festival has been under the spell of one of those tiresome trendies who use the great works of the past as a profitable vehicle to peddle their fashionable nostrums.
    • They weren't there to acclaim him as the toiler's friend - but to tell him not to put them out of work just to satisfy some smug trendies on the mainland.
    • For ever and ever the trendies, the sophisticates and the beautiful people have painted us on the right side of politics as boring squares, joyless fanatics, religious nutcases, and monoethnic bigots.
    • They are even catering to the trendies by giving away their used coffee grounds for fertiliser, and promoting various other politically correct causes.
    • Its cappuccino bars are packed with young trendies straight from Woodstock - only with iPods and G3 mobile phones.
    • Only yesterday, sleeveless tops and short frivolous skirts were being boasted by Rome's young and trendies.
    • Good idea until all the young trendies insisted it was cool.
    • The insular isolation of the media trendies who live and work here is one of the things we are supposed to laugh at, but the scripts themselves are guilty of a similar short-sightedness.
    • All types of businesses are now investing in design - it's not just young trendies who want to work, or shop, in a designer environment.
    • It attracts an odd mix of low-life, travellers, inner-city trendies and tourists looking for a big night out.
    • But this new process eliminates both the trendies and the payment.
    • Above those you had trendies, these were people who followed fake fashions like bomber jackets and wearing labels just to be what they called trendy.
    • Actually, most of her on-stage communists are just silly trendies, noisy young men with heads full of nonsense.
    • But, added Emma, apart from school trendies, ‘only real fashion victims can carry off the look well,’ and she warned: ‘You also need to be a certain shape.’
    • Selling my label to fashion-conscious trendies and dressing artists, musicians and celebs.
    • Perhaps not as classy as the likes of the Blue Bar or Ling Ling, this is a great place to go and have a chilled night out without having to worry about posers and wannabe trendies.
    • Opening on an amazingly lifelike set, this play, set in two semi-detached houses featured the new trendies on one side, and the old unmovable on the other.
    • Regulars are a combination of young trendies, moneyed bankers and bohemian artists and musicians, the kind of eclectic mix that makes for great bar side banter.