Translation of trepidation in Spanish:


temor, n.

Pronunciation /ˌtrɛpəˈdeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌtrɛpɪˈdeɪʃ(ə)n/



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    (fear) temor masculine formal
    (fear) miedo masculine
    (worry, anxiety) inquietud feminine
    I entered his office in / with trepidation entré atemorizado en su oficina
    • I must confess to some trepidation about the outcome tengo que reconocer que estoy muy preocupado / inquieto por lo que pueda pasar
    • If they do go alone, they will be sent amid trepidation and trembling.
    • I arrived at my first board meeting, with a great deal of trepidation, and was very impressed.
    • Having gone into the clinic with some trepidation, I walk out of it feeling like a man who has drunk deep from the fountain of life.
    • This he did, in fear and trepidation, taking with him two other church workers who were accompanying him.
    • That it is not a place where we have any trepidation or fear.
    • Thanks for your kind words about the articles, but why did you feel fear and trepidation?
    • I have been told on more than one occasion that arrival of the video on the doormat has been met with fear, trepidation, emotion, even panic.
    • Yet there is a hint of trepidation as he voices his fears that his team might struggle to get out of their squandering habits.
    • For from some deep reaches of my soul, an icy cold fear and trepidation had exploded upward.
    • Having come from such an ignominious background there was a certain amount of trepidation but fear not for I discovered the magic of the wok!
    • Selling a property in this country can be a fraught business, full of fear and trepidation and attended by frustration and delay at every point.
    • His body was trembling in trepidation as he recognized the dulcet voice of a young maid named Élise.
    • Japanese eat fugu without much fear or trepidation because of the confidence they have in licensed chefs.
    • Police patrols at the bridges have been stepped up but the detailed nature of the warning is bound to add trepidation to an already nervous situation.
    • Twice the fish is close, the tuna boat far behind, bemused fishermen watching our manoeuvres with some trepidation.
    • As the calendar flips to the new millennium, I feel both joy and a sense of trepidation.
    • Of course, most people respond to a note like that with fear and trepidation and then anger.
    • If the body movements are shaky with trepidation, physical aging has affected the person.
    • It still produced that certain amount of trepidation and fear in the pit of her stomach.
    • Most arrive with fear and trepidation and have to cultivate the ability to cope.