Translation of trespasser in Spanish:


intruso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtrɛspəsər//ˈtrɛsˌpæsər//ˈtrɛspəsə/


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    intruso masculine
    intrusa feminine
    [ S ]trespassers will be prosecuted propiedad privada
    • As noted above, at common law the trespasser received the least protection of any entrant on the occupier's premises.
    • That is, the tortfeasor, the trespasser, is liable not only for the tort of trespass but for what has been called the fruits of the trespass.
    • This is the same principle as allows a licensee who is in de facto possession to evict a trespasser.
    • The remedies available with regard to the fruits of the trespass in the hands of the trespasser would be an injunction, and we would accept that.
    • The fact that the claimant was a trespasser is, from the defendant's point of view, purely fortuitous.