Translation of triage in Spanish:


triage, n.

Pronunciation /triˈɑʒ//ˈtriːɑːʒ/



  • 1

    triage masculine
    • Nurses undertaking triage assessments by telephone with computer decision support may reduce the number of visits to general practitioners, hospital use, and costs.
    • The triage nurse said, ‘Now watch how I apply the Manchester triage system to this patient.’
    • Do alternative methods exist for diagnosing heart failure or enabling appropriate triage of patients for echocardiography?
    • We would rather do triage right over the patient then sit down and put something together that we'll just end up revisiting in a few days.
    • On site management includes first aid, patient triage, and ambulance staging with a basic aim of maximal use of resources.
    • It will be used to calculate unit radiation status and to perform medical triage and assist in unit reconstitution.
    • It needs to be restructured by giving funding to provide triage nurses in local centres, a structure that better serves the different health culture and the more rural areas of Scotland.
    • As soon as this triage was complete, treatment began.
    • However, when triage nurses became involved 80% of patients were treated correctly.
    • The triage nurses inside the homeless shelter had already initiated a referral form for a surgery consultation prior to sending the young man to the mobile clinic.