Translation of trickle in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtrɪk(ə)l//ˈtrɪk(ə)l/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    perspiration trickled down his forehead le corrían gotas de sudor por la frente
    • water trickled from the pipe salía un hilito de agua de la cañería
    • the sand trickled through his fingers la arena se deslizó por entre sus dedos
    • the water was trickling away el agua se iba escurriendo poco a poco
    • He coughed fitfully and held his heaving chest as dark liquid trickled out of his mouth.
    • These rocks cause the steam to condense and the water trickles into a clay channel and receptacle, where it collects and cools.
    • He felt water trickling inside the box, and realized that the casket was leaking slightly.
    • Soon a sweet purple liquid was trickling out of the spout into the container she had placed underneath.
    • Our bodies, faces, and hair drip with rain water trickling to the ground.
    • Then, he just sat there, staring at the water trickling out of the fountain.
    • Warm liquid trickled from separate areas on her face.
    • This was a beautiful piece of work where one could almost hear the water trickling over the flagstones.
    • If your position is correct, water will trickle out your left nostril.
    • Water is trickling over pale, crusty rocks into clear, tiny pools.
    • We were shown into a smart little auditorium where big speakers were pumping out relaxing little sounds of birds chirping and water trickling.
    • Even there, in too many of the pipes, the water trickles out so feebly as to be useless.
    • The water trickling from the mine has a pH of about 0.8 and a temperature of 107 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • That night they found a small stream with fresh, clean, water trickling toward the ocean to their right.
    • Black cherry stained liquid trickled out from the folds of canvas.
    • Water will trickle audibly here and there, and there'll be the gentle swish of bamboo and tall grasses.
    • It was one of those units where the water trickles over an electric coil to heat it up.
    • Diners encounter a massive smooth slab of onyx, backlit with water trickling behind it, when they enter the restaurant, and are welcomed by polite and attentive waiters.
    • The microbes convert the hydrogen sulfide into odorless hydrogen sulfate, which is carried away by water trickling over the foam.
    • Through a hole pierced in the centre of the sheet, water would trickle into the vessel kept beneath it.
  • 2

    (arrive, go)
    letters are still trickling in todavía se está recibiendo alguna que otra carta
    • the audience began to trickle back into the hall poco a poco el público fue volviendo a la sala
    • And I really went week after week, month after month, before the details of what was going on in that family slowly began to trickle out.
    • Lunch break ends and the men slowly trickle back into the room.
    • Ideas spread, trickling any which direction they can.
    • As the minutes started to slowly trickle by, Bastian sat in silence and began to wait.
    • Along the way there is a slow but steady trickling stream of septuagenarians, slipping their way down to the round stone tower by the beach.
    • With all of the food eaten, and the time growing late, people began to slowly trickle out of the dining hall, until only a few people were left.
    • Second and third periods had trickled by after that, maybe not skipping past as quickly as Sociology had, but not passing in a manner so slow that I could complain.
    • He put on his basketball uniform and began to loosen his muscles while his teammates slowly trickled in and follow suit.
    • Two guards took their positions on either side of the door and opened it as the kingdom's residents began to trickle in slowly.
    • The life slowly trickled away from Kira as her vision began to darken.
    • They literally shook the ground in which we were standing here, quite loud explosions, and it sounded a long way away from the information that slowly now is trickling to us.
    • National council decisions aren't usually publicised to members, so this information is only trickling out to members slowly.
    • As the clock struck half past five the crowd was slowly trickling in.
    • As we trickle day by day through the end of October and move ever closer to November, the weather is switching to a uniform foggy grey that wakens memories of my time in Lincolnshire back in the very early sixties.
    • Even with Bishop Belo there to take the mass, the people held back and trickled very slowly into the church.
    • On the other hand Kildare were handsomely predictable as the early days of 2003 trickled by.
    • They almost added another a minute later when a pull by Jarlath Sweeney trickled inches wide of the upright.
    • Christiane, time is obviously of the essence, and you said aid is trickling in slowly.
    • His approach putt went six feet past, and the return trickled by the cup, giving Irwin a half and clinching the cup for the home side.
    • This is the cue for scores of stragglers who slowly trickle into the ground in small groups and squat on the bare ground.

transitive verb

  • 1

    he trickled water over the leaves dejó caer un hilito de agua sobre las hojas
    • I slid onto a chair next to his and pushed the glass nearer to him with two paracetamol tablets and trickled my fingers through his scruffy hair playfully.
    • Small amounts of oxygen are trickled through the fermentation tank causing the yeasts to thrive and produce a Chianti almost unrecognisable for its voluptuous concentration of fruit.
    • Here he is seen comforted by stablemates while the cut above his left eye trickles blood from jostling with the crowd.
    • Slowly, she raised her face to Bran, covered with shallow cuts trickling blood.
    • Her cheeks were covered in tiny scrapes and a larger wound was already trickling a small stream of crimson blood down the middle of her forehead.
    • The inside ceiling was more planks of wood, the outer bark shingles helping to trickle the water off the edges.
    • She trickled the acid over the body, focusing mostly on his face, and hands, though the packet held enough to dissolve most of the entire body.
    • If I weren't already sweating, I'd be trickling some now.
    • Should she just leave him there, trickling blood on the carpet?
    • The keeper was slow to retreat as his opposite number, Scott Howie, cleared, and substitute Jody Banim trickled the ball into the empty net from 45 yards via a deflection off Durkin.
    • She let out the tiniest bit of pressure and power, sending him shattering out of her mind as his nose trickled blood.
    • A cut curved slightly downward on her left cheek, still trickling minute amounts of blood on the sundress.
    • Without hesitation, he brought the canteen to Joe's lips and trickled some water into his son's mouth.
    • Cool to lukewarm and then trickle the egg and water over the stuffing, mixing it in lightly until the stuffing is moist yet still rather crumbly.
    • Gas emissions and volcanic tremors have been high for months and the volcano has expelled boulders and trickled lava in recent weeks.
    • Pushing the ‘dispense’ button automatically trickles the desired charge weight into the scale pan.
    • I didn't answer her, just kept scrubbing the toilet clean while Colleen trickled Visine into her eyes.
    • Fold the pancake neatly into a triangle, place on a plate, trickle the sauce around the pancake and serve immediately.
    • By the end of the game, he looked the part with stitches closing two gashes over the bridge of his nose and another cut on the corner of his eye still trickling blood.
    • For some reason, which no one can prove to my knowledge, when black powder is trickled into the cartridge case through a drop tube it burns more cleanly.


  • 1

    hilo masculine
    a trickle of blood un hilo de sangre
    • the river is now no more than a trickle el río ya no es más que un hilito
    • the initial trickle of refugees became a flood el goteo inicial de refugiados se convirtió en un verdadero torrente
    • applications have slowed to a trickle ya solo se recibe alguna que otra solicitud
    • He felt the warm trickle of blood dripping from the wound.
    • His eyes were glazed with pain, and a thin trickle of blood flowed out of his mouth and down his chin.
    • I stand at the counter while the barista lowers the handle on the powerful espresso machine, watching the thin trickle of aromatic liquid.
    • Feelings flow in little trickles, slow but steady.
    • With rental income dwindling to a mere trickle on many estates in 1880-81, signs of alarm in the Big House were not hard to find.
    • In the last half-a-year, the number of visitors here has almost doubled while the ‘take’ has dropped to a trickle.
    • This small trickle of people slowly grew and at the moment there are 11 local women taking part and their numbers continue to grow.
    • In the past two years, the supply of clergy coming out of Canadian seminaries has dwindled to a trickle.
    • Fresh new buying migrates in slowly, a trickle at first that may grow into a deluge many years later.
    • Other teams slowly followed - more of a trickle than a wave.
    • Overnight, the torrent of East German refugees drops to a trickle.
    • But even in the best of times, the emerging markets end up bidding for no more than a trickle of global capital flows.
    • A faint smile stretched her cracked lips; a trickle of blood suddenly flowed over her parched lips.
    • We're taking trickles and bits from what the police tell us.
    • There was a trickle of blood flowing from the corner of her mouth.
    • I gasped loudly as I felt the warm trickle of blood flowing from my back.
    • But it wasn't enough control to stop the trickle of cream-laden coffee from splashing down the front of my shirt.
    • Combined with ice cubes and a little bit of essence, the trickles of liquid from crushed melons go on to become a sweet delicacy.
    • Synthesised melodies swell from ambient trickles into great, lush waves and splash over crisp breakbeats.
    • Otherwise, immigration from Bulgaria during these years had dwindled to a trickle.
    • His arms were covered in small trickles of blood that flowed from the many burns on his body.
    • She noticed, trailing from the corner of the frozen grimace of his mouth, a trickle of mealy yellow liquid that was drying into a crust on his cheek.
    • Thin trickles of water slowly ran down the sheet of glass.
    • For years, all was quiet as the Western frontier was slowly settled by a trickle of pioneers.
    • Radio space slowly trickles out as the Federal Communications Commission frees more of the spectrum for real-world uses.
    • A small trickle of blood wound its way along his palm, emanating from a fine slice in his skin that was deep enough to have been caused by a razor.
    • It's something they can't do while being held hostage in their own cities, and the numbers of devout travelers have dropped to a trickle.
    • Since news from the war seems to have dwindled to a trickle, it is an interesting way of keeping track of our troops - and a very personal one too.
    • People were entering in a steady trickle, some of them touching the high stone threshold with their right hands, and raising their hands to their heads.
    • Several small trickles of blood flow down the side of his neck.
    • The airport ran until the 1980s - the traffic slowly coming down to a trickle.
    • Her eyes widened as Jesse stood there, small trickles of blood dripping from his clenched hands.
    • A small trickle of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth down his chin.
    • She imagined it encompassing her entire body, and as she did, she felt a familiar trickle of power slowly begin to manifest itself across the surface of her skin.
    • Bit by bit, the trickle of fear was becoming stronger and stronger in Maya's heart.
    • The beast shifted; a trickle of blood flowed anew, tracing patterns on the hide.
    • I collapsed behind a car cradling my head, feeling fresh trickles of blood flow down my face.
    • A warm trickle began to flow down his leg, either blood or urine.
    • The trickle of blood flowed from his nose ever so much more slowly.
    • In many places, the cast-iron pipes which carry our potable water are so thick with rust that the flow is a mere trickle.