Translation of trickle in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈtrɪk(ə)l//ˈtrɪk(ə)l/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    perspiration trickled down his forehead le corrían gotas de sudor por la frente
    • water trickled from the pipe salía un hilito de agua de la cañería
    • the sand trickled through his fingers la arena se deslizó por entre sus dedos
    • the water was trickling away el agua se iba escurriendo poco a poco
    • The water trickling from the mine has a pH of about 0.8 and a temperature of 107 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • That night they found a small stream with fresh, clean, water trickling toward the ocean to their right.
    • Through a hole pierced in the centre of the sheet, water would trickle into the vessel kept beneath it.
    • Warm liquid trickled from separate areas on her face.
    • Then, he just sat there, staring at the water trickling out of the fountain.
    • Soon a sweet purple liquid was trickling out of the spout into the container she had placed underneath.
    • We were shown into a smart little auditorium where big speakers were pumping out relaxing little sounds of birds chirping and water trickling.
    • If your position is correct, water will trickle out your left nostril.
    • He coughed fitfully and held his heaving chest as dark liquid trickled out of his mouth.
    • Even there, in too many of the pipes, the water trickles out so feebly as to be useless.
    • Water is trickling over pale, crusty rocks into clear, tiny pools.
    • Our bodies, faces, and hair drip with rain water trickling to the ground.
    • Diners encounter a massive smooth slab of onyx, backlit with water trickling behind it, when they enter the restaurant, and are welcomed by polite and attentive waiters.
    • This was a beautiful piece of work where one could almost hear the water trickling over the flagstones.
    • Black cherry stained liquid trickled out from the folds of canvas.
    • These rocks cause the steam to condense and the water trickles into a clay channel and receptacle, where it collects and cools.
    • The microbes convert the hydrogen sulfide into odorless hydrogen sulfate, which is carried away by water trickling over the foam.
    • It was one of those units where the water trickles over an electric coil to heat it up.
    • He felt water trickling inside the box, and realized that the casket was leaking slightly.
    • Water will trickle audibly here and there, and there'll be the gentle swish of bamboo and tall grasses.
  • 2

    (arrive, go)
    letters are still trickling in todavía se está recibiendo alguna que otra carta
    • the audience began to trickle back into the hall poco a poco el público fue volviendo a la sala
    • He put on his basketball uniform and began to loosen his muscles while his teammates slowly trickled in and follow suit.
    • As we trickle day by day through the end of October and move ever closer to November, the weather is switching to a uniform foggy grey that wakens memories of my time in Lincolnshire back in the very early sixties.
    • Second and third periods had trickled by after that, maybe not skipping past as quickly as Sociology had, but not passing in a manner so slow that I could complain.
    • His approach putt went six feet past, and the return trickled by the cup, giving Irwin a half and clinching the cup for the home side.
    • Christiane, time is obviously of the essence, and you said aid is trickling in slowly.
    • Along the way there is a slow but steady trickling stream of septuagenarians, slipping their way down to the round stone tower by the beach.
    • They almost added another a minute later when a pull by Jarlath Sweeney trickled inches wide of the upright.
    • Ideas spread, trickling any which direction they can.
    • On the other hand Kildare were handsomely predictable as the early days of 2003 trickled by.
    • With all of the food eaten, and the time growing late, people began to slowly trickle out of the dining hall, until only a few people were left.
    • They literally shook the ground in which we were standing here, quite loud explosions, and it sounded a long way away from the information that slowly now is trickling to us.
    • As the minutes started to slowly trickle by, Bastian sat in silence and began to wait.
    • The life slowly trickled away from Kira as her vision began to darken.
    • As the clock struck half past five the crowd was slowly trickling in.
    • Two guards took their positions on either side of the door and opened it as the kingdom's residents began to trickle in slowly.
    • And I really went week after week, month after month, before the details of what was going on in that family slowly began to trickle out.
    • Even with Bishop Belo there to take the mass, the people held back and trickled very slowly into the church.
    • This is the cue for scores of stragglers who slowly trickle into the ground in small groups and squat on the bare ground.
    • Lunch break ends and the men slowly trickle back into the room.
    • National council decisions aren't usually publicised to members, so this information is only trickling out to members slowly.

transitive verb

  • 1

    he trickled water over the leaves dejó caer un hilito de agua sobre las hojas


  • 1

    hilo masculine
    a trickle of blood un hilo de sangre
    • the river is now no more than a trickle el río ya no es más que un hilito
    • the initial trickle of refugees became a flood el goteo inicial de refugiados se convirtió en un verdadero torrente
    • applications have slowed to a trickle ya solo se recibe alguna que otra solicitud