Translation of trickle charger in Spanish:

trickle charger

cargador de batería, n.


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    (para carga de entretenimiento) cargador de batería masculine
    • They are also not trickle chargers although they look very much like one.
    • This invention relates in general to battery chargers, and more particularly, to solar power trickle chargers for lead acid batteries.
    • The solution is to keep the battery topped up with a trickle charger, ensuring immobilisers and the like won't run it down while the car sits in the garage.
    • Although trickle chargers often appear to be a better economic choice for the typical consumer, trickle chargers don't have the advantage of sophisticated electronic control.
    • Dumb trickle chargers usually get the job done in 12 to 14 hours, but they may be faster or slower.
    • The engine I use with this boat is a 9.9hp four stroke with electric start and a trickle charger which keeps the battery topped up.
    • It is a rapid charger unlike the trickle chargers that normally come with rechargeable battery operated devices (like your cell phone and radios).
    • Both taper and trickle chargers are slow.
    • Larger transformers used in tapered and trickle chargers have the disadvantages of high heat generation, greater weight, and lower efficiency.
    • If you attach the trickle charger to an inexpensive wall socket timer you can avoid leaving the battery on charge too long.
    • If your trickle charger has no cutoff circuit, and you forget to remove the cells, they'll sit there warm to the touch, being slowly cooked.
    • These charge a battery and then maintain them at charged level by cycling on and off when necessary without over charging which trickle chargers can do.
    • Present trickle chargers, largely due to their inherent lack of sophistication, are generally compatible with only one or two battery types.
    • The trickle charger will provide continuous power to your car battery and prevent dead batteries.