Translation of trifling in Spanish:


insignificante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtraɪf(ə)lɪŋ//ˈtrʌɪflɪŋ/


  • 1

    sin importancia
    • But human rights are not trifling matters and the EU, if it is to remain true to its founding principles, must not gloss over such matters.
    • Set against estimates of the infrastructure needed to sustain GDP growth at about 8 per cent, the sum is trifling.
    • For those of a certain tribal cast of Irish-Australian mind, such questions of geography and chronology are trifling.
    • You might think that these are mere trifling matters.
    • Puccini was expert not only at describing the trifling matters of daily life, but also at using various melodies to expose the distinctive personality of each character.
    • What seems to many a trifling matter of wording could have profound consequences.
    • Divorce proceedings also require full disclosure of all the financial affairs of both parties, no matter how trifling they may seem.
    • The telescope makes claims for the internet look trifling.
    • Because of their lack of self esteem and self-confidence, says Lucy, many self-harmers tend to have very extreme emotional reactions to things which to many people would seem trifling.
    • To found a national character has never been a trifling matter.
    • The leading pair brushed off one another going around the turn but it was only a trifling matter.
    • The moral: trifling liaisons can become serious finance issues.
    • And, what's even more galling, we've been told that the sum involved is comparatively trifling, a drop in the ocean of the department's annual budget of €41 billion.
    • Let me denounce this piffling, trifling, self-satisfied world; these horse-hair seats; these coloured photographs of piers and parades.
    • With escalating club fees, trifling base salaries and percentages taken off credit card payments, that is an interesting question indeed.
    • Yet if the results of ‘public consultations’ are trifling, the effect on our political culture is insidious.
    • It was something trifling; in fact, I didn't even remember what triggered it.
    • When compared to the whole federal budget, the money spent on welfare is trifling, especially when you look at other, truly wasteful federal budget items.
    • As a general rule an injunction will be refused only where the interference with the claimant's right is trifling or slight.
    • Why does this sort of trifling semantic difference matter?