Translation of trilingual in Spanish:


trilingüe, adj.

Pronunciation /traɪˈlɪŋɡwəl//trʌɪˈlɪŋɡw(ə)l/


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    • From the twelfth to the fourteenth century a well-educated Englishman was trilingual.
    • While Simon the cute, violin playing, trilingual young lad is pretty good, his two red-haired cousins are contrived and mostly painful.
    • They interact with Tigrinya speakers in their everyday life, and most Saho speakers are bilingual and trilingual in Saho and Tigrinya and/or Tigre.
    • ‘Port is really the result of a historical accident,’ recounted Taylor's trilingual guide, Frédéric da Costa, during the tasting.
    • ‘It's like sculpture,’ says the trilingual actress who has a Quebecoise mother and an Italian father.
    • Being ill in the 1990s and trilingual, I soon met others worldwide who were facing similar concerns, especially in Latin America.
    • Some are even trilingual - in Spanish, Aymara, and Quechua - in regions where the Incas predominate.
    • The trilingual Galluccio is clearly enjoying his entry into the ‘establishment’ and the respect he's finding as an artist on the French side.
    • I have been pretty lucky in that I have had good results working with professors at the university I work for and also my wife who is trilingual.
    • Our vision of excellence means that our children must be bilingual - or trilingual, or maybe even multilingual in spoken languages and conversant in one or more cyber languages.
    • And most of the young were bilingual or trilingual (reading and/or speaking French and English as well as Arabic).
    • Among the minority, some of the higher clergy were now, to our knowledge, trilingual, and unlike those known to Brihtric, willing to speak in each language as appropriate.
    • I was impressed to meet a trilingual nine-year-old on holiday in Austria and hoped his good example might rub off on my kids.
    • As Chone Shmeruk, the great scholar of Jewish literature in Poland, has noted, the interwar culture of the Polish Jews was really trilingual.
    • He grew up trilingual, in English, Mandarin Chinese and Malay.
    • In fact, about a month later, they did find a tutor who was trilingual, commanding American Sign Language, English, and Spanish, who began giving classes in their homes.
    • Many first- and second-generation Mayan Americans are trilingual, and can communicate in Spanish, English, and a Mayan dialect.
    • This is a very confusing situation for a precocious trilingual five year old, but not such an unusual condition when seen in a pan-Canadian context.
    • However, the care and attention to detail merely begins with the compound, and trilingual wedding coordinators are on hand to ensure that all is perfect up to the exchange of vows and to the festivities beyond.
    • According to a survey done in 1860 at least one person in the sixteen families living in the village at that time was trilingual in Finnish, Saami, and Norwegian, although the first language of all the households was Saami.