Translation of trim in Spanish:


esbelto, adj.

Pronunciation /trɪm//trɪm/


  • 1

    (figure/person) esbelto
    (figure/person) estilizado
    • That said there's little otherwise that is excessive in this trim and spare piece of emotionally and visually restrained film-making.
    • The slim, trim title, suggesting an anthology of prefaces as an art form, is a leftover from Gray's earliest plan for the book.
    • All qualities, one may contend, perfect to maintain a slim and trim posture.
    • And, as you glance down at your figure - unrecognisable from the good old days - you imagine she is still the same size and shape, slim, trim and trendy.
    • She kept trim and fit, but she would always remain petite.
    • He turned 70 last October but is trim and healthy enough to appear at least a decade younger.
    • Here are a few boating exercises that you can use to stay trim.
    • The catchiest car commercial of recent times is the one where a trim little vehicle suddenly breaks apart like a Transformer toy and starts dancing.
    • Simple trim lace and a dull leather waistcoat swathed his slender form, dampened in the moist morning air.
    • But lamb is fighting back with new cuts - lean, trim, bred and butchered for the modern tastes.
    • Also, since the film has a trim 78-minute length, there must be plenty of deleted scenes that did not make it into the final cut.
    • It is likely enough that pupils painted the background into which the master inserted the Teniers-like bright individual figures and their trim dogs.
    • Specifics aside, this is one slim, trim, light package and every time you pick it up you marvel yet again.
    • Liz, who now weighs a trim seven-and-a-half stone, also revealed that she wants to have another child with new lover Arun Nayer.
    • But if you're slim and trim, then you can have a blast.
    • Combined with the tapered schnabel forearm, the rifle seems far more sleek and trim than others I've handled.
    • He's slim and trim, doesn't smoke, hardly drinks, eats lots of fish, soya and salad, and does a half-hour workout on his exercise bike each day.
  • 2

    (uniform/suit) elegante
    (uniform/suit) de buen corte
    (car) de líneas estilizadas
    (house/garden) muy cuidado
    • We watched from a bedroom window as a taxi drew up and a good-looking woman in a trim navy suit approached the front door.
    • Lots of worthwhile things got done today, domestic things, keeping the small ship of our household trim and balanced, clean and supplied with the necessaries.
    • Behind the trim lawns and the net curtains, behind the jigsaw of decency, a number of houses have extremist posters in the windows.
    • The trim roadside lawns with shrubberies and annuals both here and on the approach to Cork give a most optimistic expectation of what the town has to offer.
    • The numerous choices include various preferences, faders on/off, smart and trim tool selections and more.
    • Davies presides over the trim schoolhouse on Sanday, with the island's three children - a fourth is at secondary school in Mallaig - in her care.
    • We're in Walton-on-Thames in Surrey where Benedetti lodges with her accompanist and the latter's three young children in a trim cul-de-sac.
    • The targeting system is fairly intuitive and the controls are fairly trim.
    • Despite a trim silhouette, this mini CD / amplifier combo is so good that even high-end hi-fi systems risk being KOd by its talents.
    • His tavern maid periodically cleaned Iamir's house, and kept the little garden trim.
    • I look around me at the trim gardens, the sound of residents rattling about in the kitchens, the bell informing them of the next unit of the day's timetable.
    • To be fair, Alasdair McCrone's trim production is performed by a highly convincing, half-Irish cast whose energy serves the play well.
    • The private school Elliot attends is similar to his home with the dark wood, but the walls are blue and children rather than loose papers roam the area in trim uniforms.
    • Here's a slim, trim 16 gauge that can also be purchased with an extra set of fitted 20-gauge tubes.
    • Perky, painless and politically correct, this frothy little farce benefits from a remarkably trim running time.
    • These very trim and neat little craft will be a big addition to the club for their one class racing events.
    • She lived alone in a tiny, trim house on a quiet street.
    • These neat and trim premises and surrounds are a credit to the school's scholars and teachers.


  • 1

    (condition) estado masculine
    (condition) condiciones feminine
    (good condition) buen estado masculine
    (good condition) buenas condiciones feminine
    swimming keeps me in trim la natación me mantiene en forma / en buen estado físico
    • try to keep your equipment in good trim intenta mantener tu equipo en buenas condiciones
    • Keep your claws in trim: this contains more or less everything that is useful for a manicure or pedicure.
    • Keep in fighting trim, people; we will be needing you soon.
    • To have a chance of defeating this president, they must get their party into fighting trim.
    • His counterpart was a short, compact man, obviously in the type of shape and trim that came from self-indulgent working out.
    • This company isn't just back in fighting trim - it's stronger than ever.
  • 2

    recorte masculine
    just a trim, please córteme solo las puntas, por favor
    • to give the hedge a trim recortar el seto
    • I ended up getting only a trim cause my hair stylist liked my long hair a lot.
    • Consequently, my hair has gone too long without at least a trim.
    • Oh, normal people would call that a trim, but if I have less hair at the end, it's a cut.
    • His brown hair needed a trim even as it curled darkly over the color of his faded green shirt.
    • Hedges will respond best to regular trims, while there are plenty of products on the market to keep wood and metal fences looking their best.
    • If the edge was good last year all that is needed is a trim with a hedge clippers or edging shears.
    • Regular trims, conditioners and hair treatments all keep locks in the tip-top shape you want.
    • We stumble across a dogs' hairdresser and watch through the window fascinated as a pooch gets a shampoo and blow dry after a quick trim, presumably to cope with the heat.
    • Speaking of hair that needed a trim, Liam had really let himself go.
    • Have regular trims to get the bonce in shape and remember to plan ahead.
    • Then there are the hedges themselves, which will very soon need a trim.
    • He looked a little messy, with his hair desperately needing a trim as it was always ruffled.
    • Yet even a quick trim of the back lawn went reasonably well.
    • I noticed my goatee needed a bit of a trim, so I shaved one side of it so it looked a bit more even.
    • I don't * want * to go to a salon that I can only trust to give me a trim.
    • As you can see from my photograph, I'm in dire need of a trim.
    • Ah well, a radical trim of the lower layers of the bushes is called for, so that the cats can't hide there.
    • Parts of lawn that yet retain their dew on the hottest winter days are resting from brutal trims.
    • Across the yard Arnie was attaching a huge set of roller cutters to a tractor, preparing to give the second fairway a quick trim.
    • A TOP hairstylist is grooming his customers to help Manchester's tram network while they get a trim.
  • 3

    • 3.1

      (on bodywork of car) banda lateral feminine
      (on bodywork of car) embellecedor masculine Spain
      (on bodywork of car) bocel masculine Colombia
      (upholstery) tapicería feminine
      • Made of 100% cotton fine jersey, it features contrast neck and cuff trim.
      • While the front of the stage was visible, upstage was hidden behind patched curtains of a faded blue with gold trim.
      • Gold trim and decorations accented the burgundy, and made the place seem cosy.
      • Dismantlers are always a good source of interior and exterior trim (though bumpers are often the first thing to go in an accident).
      • Fine leather and decorative trim of ash-wood and aluminium add to the feel-good atmosphere.
      • Exposed edges should be fastened to floor surfaces with trim along that edge.
      • Replacing the green and white away kit of old, this new strip - again made by Admiral - has thick blue flashes with red trims down the sides of the sleeves and shorts.
      • Seats are extremely comfy and come in a stylishly patterned material with darker charcoal trim.
      • So perhaps it could be sporty in terms of interior trim.
      • Cut the ribbing, ribbed-band or self-fabric trim a little shorter than the edge to be finished.
      • Take your next cue from the mannequins seen in store windows: Stitch rows of ribbon and other trims along the bottom edges.
      • The Coach Gallery Tote with new design details and fabrications is offered in both leather and suede with updated details such as patent and vachetta trim.
      • The car has a completely new dashboard and interior trim, with echoes of the TT sportster.
      • The walls are a pretty light blue, and there is trim along the ceiling that matches: it's a darker blue, with black swirls running through it.
      • The Limited also has steering-wheel wood trim, a power rear sunshade, and bumper moldings with chrome-inserts.
      • Finally it pulled out a stunning white dress with gold trim and ornate decorations.
      • The dashboard and interior trim have been designed to set a new benchmark for the segment in terms of touch and feel quality, adding a new notion of prestige to the C-segment.
      • The cabin is spacious, and the test vehicle came with leather trim and electrically operated front seats as optional extras.
      • The bride wore a traditional off-the-shoulder ivory dress, with train and sequin detail, and a waist-length veil with pearls and gold trim.
      • There's tasteful use of wood trim and leather throughout the plush cabin.
      • Buyers instead are often driving off with equipment or interior trim or even a paint color that they don't really want.
      • It was rather an elaborate military uniform, with golden tassels on the edge of its golden epaulettes and gold trim on the cuffs and collar.
      • And you should see the quality of the interior trim.
      • The company's chief products are door handles, underhood bottles and interior trim components.
      • Full hide trim finished in a light grey make for a pleasantly unclaustrophobic cabin.
      • It was a royal blue colour with a bit of gold trim.
      • Electric windows, decent stereo and leather trim for the steering wheel were all thrown in.
      • It includes a magnesium cross car beam, electronics, climate system, steering column and trim.
      • He was clad in a blindingly white suit, with gold trim and edges.
      • It appeared sleek and comfortable in bright blue with white trim in contrast to the worn looking Communist era rolling stock nearby.
      • For most of the day I work on that one spot, taping along the marble trim, sealing the edge of the tape, painting and then repainting the bands.
      • In the south one-story, whitewashed, flat-roofed houses with blue trim around the windows and doorways are common.
      • Improvements to the interior include new upholstery and trim.
      • But behind the traditional leather and wood trim hide a multitude of high-tech systems.
      • When they are in the light times, they dress in fine apparel with bright colours and gold trim.
      • It was said to have a distinctive red trim around the wheel arches and hub cap.
      • He was thin, lithe and athletic and was dressed in dark blue trousers and tunic with embroidered trim, and a gold coloured lanyard hung from one shoulder.
      • On another occasion four wheel trims costing a total of £100 were stolen.
      • The customised automobile had a high roofline, a stainless steel trim, brown leather seats and a sleek exterior.
      • Then I noticed the little blue book with gold trim lying on the counter.

    • 3.2(woodwork)

      molduras feminine

    • 3.3(on clothes)

      adornos masculine
      (along edges) ribete masculine

  • 4

    asiento masculine
    • No witness before the Subcommittee was able to offer any reasonable suggestion to explain how the ship could have gotten out of trim in that 24-hour period.
    • In consequence, a nuclear submarine proceeding at quite high speeds for protracted periods could become substantially out of trim.
    • A quick trip from the cabin to check the tiller and sail trim and to scan for other shipping, and the skipper was in from the cold again.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(cut)

      (beard/edges/hair) recortar
      (branches/bush) recortar
      (bush/branches) podar
      we had to trim back the rose bushes tuvimos que podar bastante los rosales
      • This leafy stretch of colonial residences forms the western boundary to Augusta National Golf Club, and just beyond Gate Six, eight inmates of the state prison are trimming the grass verge on the public highway.
      • When it came to her diet, Randi decided to make small but significant changes: She started by trimming her portion sizes and adding a vegetable or a dark-green leafy salad to every meal.
      • The end of the nail is trimmed to size and then beaten with a hammer to make it too big to go back through the hole and this riveted nail cannot move again without snapping off.
      • I went back to my very special hair care place, this time for a beard trimming session.
      • For the rest of the day, I trimmed my portion sizes.
      • A goat trims the farm yard grass just south of Five Corners.
      • His fingernails were trimmed to a neat band of white.
      • The situation mirrors 1996, when workers infuriated residents by trimming a patch of grass around the sign - after they added four feet to the height of the sign rather than get the mower out.
      • Grapes harvested are collected in a shed, where groups of women trim the fruit into neat little bunches for about $1 day.
      • I carefully full-length sized them and trimmed them to a constant length.
      • Who cuts their grass or trims their hedge in winter?
      • But, that would be a good thing, because they wouldn't have to trim hedges and cut grass, he noted.
      • The sheets of paper are trimmed to uniform size and then joined with rabbit-skin glue.
      • The next thing you notice is his neatly trimmed hair, beard and the nice suit.
      • As soon as it approaches proper beard length, I trim it.
      • With a French beard and trimmed hair, Mohanlal looks fresh in the movie.
      • Molina's crew trims hedges, mows grass, and has planted bougainvillea, jacaranda, queen palms and hibiscus.
      • After some judicious pruning, trim the rootball to size with your shovel and tilt the tree into the hole.
      • A local butcher will trim meat to your requirements on a one to one basis.
      • I had noticed this morning that Nia's fingers were long and thin, her bitten down nails neat though she only trimmed them with her teeth.

    • 1.2(reduce)

      (staff) reducir
      (staff) recortar
      (budget/spending) recortar
      exercises to trim (down) your hips ejercicios para adelgazar las caderas
      • For years, the health care industry had calculated that transaction networks were the best way to trim spiraling administrative costs.
      • The program hopes to trim that cost to $58 million per aircraft by fiscal year 2010.
      • He's aggressively cutting costs and trimming his head count, research projects, and product line.
      • The staffing levels and costs at the Darlington paper had already been trimmed to the bone to encourage a sale.
      • Costs have been trimmed, new technology installed, the product range reduced and the workforce cut from 18,000 to 7,000.
      • This isn't to say programs haven't been trimmed; some have.
      • I know that we've got to keep the pressure on the Chinese government to trim back the amount of army-owned industry.
      • Play is now restricted or curtailed with the par reduced and handicaps proportionately trimmed.
      • For instance, some solicitors are required to trim professional standards in order to meet the firm's strictures on cost effectiveness.
      • There are quite a few areas where mobile costs can be trimmed, from controlling personal use through to getting the most sensible service for the executive traveler.
      • It is also reviewing design standards to see if the cost of the project can be trimmed.
      • Indeed, few companies have faced up to the new reality by cutting staff, trimming offerings, or nixing expansion plans.
      • Cutting staff and trimming capacity may rejuvenate many Japanese corporations - but not without cost.
      • Eakins's 1875 picture of a baseball player at bat trims nature to the size of a playing field.
      • Jenkins wants to trim the evenings down to a manageable size.
      • Indeed, in a time when companies are reducing inventory, trimming expenses, and cutting head count, maybe it is time to think about getting rid of certain customers.
      • It added the move would be good for the company's cost base by trimming the ‘increasing cost burden of complying with US securities regulations’.
      • That win reduced Johnson's handicap, which was trimmed yet further when she won the overall trophy in the Charity Medal Shield open to men, women and juniors.
      • A further 200 jobs are to go this year as part of an effort to trim another £15m in costs, the company said on Tuesday.
      • The jungle of various direct and indirect subsidies must be severely trimmed and taxes must be reduced.

  • 2

    • 2.1(decorate)

      (dress/hat) adornar
      trimmed with velvet (round edge) con ribetes de terciopelo
      • The hem was trimmed with white beads, and pearls and rubies framed the neck.
      • It was midnight blue and the sleeves and neckline were trimmed with white, and the material was glowing in the dim light.
      • Meanwhile, a beige high-collared swingcoat was trimmed with pink grosgrain ribbon, a favourite technique of Jacques Fath.
      • The long, flowing sleeves were trimmed with lace, as was the hem.
      • Specially imported mohair cloths were attractively trimmed with black Persian lamb and real beaver lamb.
      • The woman's dress was of green silk velvet, and its collar and cuffs were trimmed with silver patterns that flowed like rivers of script in their endless circles.
      • The garment is often trimmed with lace, ruffles, bows and ribbons, optionally with spaghetti straps.
      • They're trimmed with jewels and marabou feathers.
      • The shirt was trimmed with sea otter fur along the side gussets, the neck, and around the cuffs.
      • The threshold of the door was decorated with gold and silver, while the russet, wood door was trimmed with diamonds along the small sliver of crystal window.
      • The robe is trimmed with ermine, which is the white winter coat of the stoat in northern regions of Europe.
      • But when deployed, the bottom edge - which is trimmed with a gasket - rubs against the painted surface of the rear deck lid.
      • For example, if it is trimmed with rayon lace, binding, or anything else, this will become a slightly different color from the silk.
      • There was one gown that looked almost large enough, but it was trimmed with lace and ribbons.
      • These particular pieces got trimmed with a wood edge.
      • New Stockport Mayor Ken Holt made news in May by refusing to don the robes of his office during a swearing in ceremony because the robes were trimmed with ermine.
      • The blade was trimmed with a demonic red, with a dark orange being the interior colour.
      • Her midnight blue dress was trimmed with cream lace.
      • Studies and a large hall were trimmed with multicolored marble, and there were marble statues on massive quartzite bases in niches.
      • The sleeves and seams are trimmed with reflective material that's usually found on running shoes.
      • He wears a fine long cape, and his sleeves are trimmed with fur.

    • 2.2Motor Vehicles

      the car interior is trimmed in leather el interior del coche está tapizado en cuero

  • 3

    (sail) orientar
    (ship) equilibrar
    (ship) asentar
    • Svensson trimmed sail and continued on the course she had given him.
    • Children gain ‘hard skills,’ such as kicking a soccer ball and learning to trim a sail.
    • David was meticulously trimming the mainsail when Howard stumbled out of the aft cabin and went up on deck, blinking in morning sunshine.
    • The training schedule included inter alia trimming, starting procedures, current & wind, speed and racing strategies.
    • As the power changes, the airplane naturally trims nose-down, so the pilot trims up to compensate.
    • They can choose to either trim the sail, or get lost at sea forever.
    • They trimmed the sails in out, in out, for hours and it made the difference.
    • While trimming sails as a beginner, Pogell discovered that the sport was an ideal vehicle for personal growth.
    • The crew members would do more than steer quickly or trim the sails like speed demons.
    • With the constant need to hoist and trim the sails, sore muscles have no time to heal and joints are braced at awkward angles for long periods of time.
  • 4US informal

    (defeat decisively)
    darle una paliza a informal

intransitive verb

  • 1

    ir con la corriente