Translation of Trinity in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtrɪnɪti//ˈtrɪnədi/


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    the (Holy) Trinity la (Santísima) Trinidad
    • References to the doctrines of the Trinity and the incarnation, the cross and the resurrection abound.
    • My guess is that a great many of us have rarely if ever heard a sermon on the Trinity.
    • All the personalist philosophy of Wojtyla can be seen as a meditation upon the Trinity.
    • He became a closet socinian, denying the doctrine of the Trinity; this made him even more secretive.
    • He wants to teach us, move us, and convince us how much the whole Trinity cares for us.
    • In this sense the Trinity provides a role model for family, society and church.
    • They further believe that he is God, the second person in the Trinity.
    • None of the persons of the Trinity can forsake any other person in the Trinity.
    • That can be seen as the seed of the later doctrine of the Trinity.
    • All three members of the Trinity are given equal importance in Christian worship.
    • So there is a sense in which the Trinity is always seen as a bit of a hard or difficult topic.
    • She made numerous paintings of him and conceived a variety of ways to depict the Christian Trinity.
    • The use of a Trinity formula of any sort was not suggested in the early Church history.
    • Graeme Goldsworthy argues that the doctrine of the Trinity is the foundation for prayer.
    • I don't know that the Trinity actually does work in contemporary Christianity.
    • The humanity of Christ provides the opportunity for the manifestation of the Trinity.
    • He questioned the validity of the Trinity which is central to all Christianity.
    • One of the reasons for that was it is the revelation of the three persons in one which is the Trinity.
    • The immanent Trinity is the life of God as experienced by God: it is a mystery we cannot fathom.
    • These creeds settled basic issues such as the Trinity and deity of Christ.