Translation of Trinity Sunday in Spanish:

Trinity Sunday


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    domingo de la Santísima Trinidad masculine
    • It begins with Trinity Sunday and extends through the Reign of Christ / Christ the King Sunday.
    • Unlike Easter, Pentecost, Christmas or Epiphany, Trinity Sunday, has no narrative, no biblical story to ground us in space and time.
    • All those daunted by the next sermon for Trinity Sunday will benefit from his exposition!
    • The full ‘Trinitarian formula,’ which, most likely, makes this text the choice for Trinity Sunday, is a later development of the New Testament church.
    • At times churches have come to Trinity Sunday and have not given it the attention that it deserves.
    • The parish community extend sincere good wishes and support to Fr. Tomas Surlis, Tubbercurry, who was ordained to the priesthood on Trinity Sunday, in Tubbercurry Church.
    • The point of Trinity Sunday is not to try to figure out a mathematical or metaphysical puzzle.
    • Appropriately, these were held on the weekend of Trinity Sunday, usually in June.
    • The church was called The Church of the Holy Trinity and the Patron Day was traditionally held on Trinity Sunday.
    • In Christian gatherings, if Spirit is mentioned, it is usually something of an afterthought-a bow to the Trinity on Trinity Sunday, or in a supercharged-almost apologetic-way on the Day of Pentecost.