Translation of trinomial in Spanish:


de tres partes, adj.

Pronunciation /traɪˈnoʊmiəl//trʌɪˈnəʊmɪəl/


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    de tres partes


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    trinomio masculine
    • Al-Khwarizmi's concept of algebra can now be grasped with greater precision: it concerns the theory of linear and quadratic equations with a single unknown, and the elementary arithmetic of relative binomials and trinomials.…
    • This lesson explains how to factor trinomials.
    • A trinomial is the sum of three monomials.
    • In general, you will be trying to factor quadratic trinomials that look like a * y ^ 2 + b * y + c where a, b, and c are expressions not involving y…
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    trinomio masculine
    • Elsewhere in this issue, Loomis argues that the use of trinomials should be discontinued, causing Witmer Stone to write a letter stating that saving trinomials was ‘of greatest importance.’
    • In such instances, you may know, the individuals who make the discovery have the honor of creating the trinomial.
    • Many invalid trinomials will persist until someone takes the time to quantify them and reassess their validity.
    • Geographical variation in morphology has been documented in N. mediocris for many years via the recognition of trinomials (subspecies: N. m. mediocris, usambarica, fuelleborni, and bensoni.)
    • Chronomorphs are recognized by a trinomial preceded by a ‘slash’ mark, such as in Ondatra zibethicus Imeadensis.