Translation of trip in Spanish:


viaje, n.

Pronunciation: /trɪp//trɪp/


  • 1

    (journey) viaje masculine
    (excursion) excursión feminine
    (outing) salida feminine
    I'd like to go on a long trip me gustaría hacer un viaje largo
    • a weekend trip to Paris un viaje de fin de semana a París
    • we took a trip down to the coast fuimos de excursión a la costa
    • she's going on a trip to Japan se va de viaje al Japón
    • he's away on a trip está de viaje
    • a trip to the theater una salida / una visita al teatro
    • a trip to the country una excursión / salida al campo
    • a trip to the zoo/dentist una visita al zoológico/dentista
    • enjoy your trip! ¡buen viaje!
    • it took two trips to bring everything over tuvimos (/ tuvieron etc. ) que hacer dos viajes para traerlo todo
  • 2

    • 2.1(stumble, fall)

      tropezón masculine
      traspié masculine
      • The majority of genuine damages claims were for slips, trips and falls.
      • More than 10% of head injuries requiring hospitalisation amongst children come from simple trips and falls when just running around.
      • Other topics on the agenda are reducing slips, trips and falls and back injury, preventing at-work road accidents and managing asbestos in buildings.
      • Slips, trips and falls are a very common cause of accidents with hundreds of thousands of incidents reported each year.
      • Postal workers have enough problems with dog bites and slips, trips, and falls.
      • The most common causes of accidents are slips, trips and falls at work and lifting habits which result in back injuries.
      • Until now, medics have not seen an increase in the number of slips, trips and falls.
      • The service aims to reduce the number of elderly people who are seriously injured or debilitated by trips and falls in their own homes.
      • He realized that that fall was not just a regular trip or stumble.
      • However, the number of accidents caused by livestock, trips and falls in the farmyard increased.
      • The hazard of ‘slips, trips and falls’ is identified but no control measures for that hazard are identified.
      • Another good practice is teaching children to put their toys safely away on shelves or in a toy chest after playing, to prevent trips and falls.
      • Make your child aware that leaving backpacks on the floor can cause trips and falls - it's safer to set belongings on chairs or tables.
      • Compensation cheats who make fraudulent claims for trips and falls are costing taxpayers millions of pounds.
      • Mechanisms of injury included falls, trips or slips, body contact with another person or object, wet/uneven ground and inappropriate footwear.
      • The reasons can vary from liver illnesses to assaults, trips and falls.
      • Slips, trips and falls can happen in almost any industry but for building workers the problem is particularly deadly.
      • Employers and staff who want advice on preventing slips, trips and falls at work can contact the division.
      • Almost a third of injuries are incurred handling, lifting and carrying while slips, trips, and falls cause almost a fifth.
      • Many falls result from trips and slips when the impaired balance of an elderly person prevents swift corrective action.

    • 2.2(attempt to make sb fall)

      zancadilla feminine

    • 2.3

  • 3

    • 3.1(drug-induced)

      viaje masculine slang
      colocón masculine slang
      pasón masculine Mexico slang
      to be on a trip estar en un pasón Mexico slang
      • he's had a bad trip ha hecho un mal viaje
      • Good cinema is like a drug trip - you can enter other worlds and escape.
      • Therefore, there may actually be cognitive similarities between the trips of one LSD user and another.
      • It was like emerging from a long meditative trance or an acid trip.
      • It was like a psychedelic trip without that messy paranoia business.
      • Ann describes their relationship in the context of many hallucinogenic experiences, providing the reader a verbal rendering of a variety of drug trips.
      • But he claims his leading inspiration was his own acid trips in the early '80s.
      • We do not fully realize that falling in love is like a drug trip, an extreme high.
      • It was a nice article about Walter's hallucinations and drug trips.
      • Most of the users expected to experience occasional bad trips and considered this a normal risk of tripping.
      • Their performance is so over the top they look like they are in the throes of a hallucinogenic trip.
      • You don't have to be on an acid trip to experience altered perceptions.
      • The film shows bad craziness building up through the day: chaotic crowds of people, acid trips and sullen bikers hunched over the stage, drinking beer.
      • Her old life meshed oddly with her new, creating so many conflicts Syd felt as if she were on a drug trip.
      • I've seen the mandalas and lights and patterns of delirium and drug trips, watched the shamans in their trances during field research.
      • Much as he liked his acid trips, cocaine was not his thing.
      • The film doesn't stop at intergenerational same-sex relations or drug trips.
      • My breakdown/enlightenment actually came about as a result of a drug trip.
      • Acid users who have a bad trip often try to physically run away from the experience and can become a danger to themselves, by running into the road for instance.
      • They're vivid memories of the trip where the tripper can remember what he felt on acid.
      • Paintings of dogs come to life during drug trips, the sight of which is unintentionally funny.

    • 3.2(obsession)

      she's been on a real guilt trip lately le ha dado por sentirse culpable últimamente
      • they've gone on this health food trip les ha dado la manía de la comida sana

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to trip and fall tropezar y caerse
    • to trip on / over sth tropezar con algo
    • they were tripping over themselves to help him se deshacían por ayudarlo
  • 2

  • 3

    (move lightly and easily)
    she tripped along beside him caminaba a su lado con paso airoso / ligero
    • her surname doesn't exactly trip off the tongue su apellido no es muy fácil de pronunciar, que digamos
    • the answer came tripping off his tongue la respuesta le salió automáticamente
  • 4slang

    (on drugs)
    flipar(se) slang

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make stumble intentionally)
    hacerle una zancadilla a
    ponerle una zancadilla a Spain
    ponerle la zancadilla a Spain
    echarle una zancadilla a Spain
    echarle la zancadilla a Spain
    you tripped her! ¡le hiciste una zancadilla!
  • 2

    (cause to make mistake)
    hacer equivocar
  • 3

    (set off)
    (alarm) activar
    (alarm) hacer que se dispare