Translation of tripe in Spanish:


mondongo, n.

Pronunciation /traɪp//trʌɪp/


  • 1

    mondongo masculine South America
    callos masculine Spain
    pancita feminine Mexico
    guatitas feminine Chile
    • For the tripe, place the tripe in a medium bowl, and rub with the salt.
    • My mother used to make brilliant tripe but mine tasted absolutely awful and my guests were far from impressed.
    • This is a place for offal lovers - there is tongue, tripe, intestine and liver.
    • This is a spicy dish consisting of leafy greens with tripe (sheep or goat stomach), fish, beef, salt pork, and chicken.
    • Made with beef tripe and hominy, menudo is often flavored with garlic, onions, and dried chilies.
    • I remember finding it hard to choose between junket and tripe, but I named tripe as I disliked it even more than junket.
    • Then they asked if she ate kidney, liver or tripe.
    • The menu was meat-heavy: fowl, pheasant, tripe, pork, steak, lamb and duck, cooked in a variety of ways.
    • Andouillettes are a Normandy specialty made by filling pig intestine with more pig intestines and tripe, or cow's stomach lining.
    • Other entradas include grilled chorizo (hot or cold), cheese, serrano ham, tripe, grilled sardines and mussels.
    • I never see any of the great meat delicacies around your shop… you know, brains, sweetbreads, kidneys, tripe, lamb tongue.
    • Spoon some tripe, porcini mushrooms and tomatoes into each and set aside, keeping warm.
    • The place is an absolute joy - full of life, colour, movement, bulls' testicles, cod tripe, goose barnacles and tiny, tiny, baby broad beans.
    • It starts off with mannish water - a soup made from goat tripe (intestine).
    • Offal (variety meats), such as tongue, heart, liver, and tripe, is also included in many dishes such as soups and stews.
    • When he comes off his shift he eats alone, tripe, rabbit, distinctive food that is for men.
    • In Watsonville they do great brain, tripe or tongue tacos.
    • The sheep's stomach, or tripe as it is known by its industry name, merely houses the haggis for presentation and is not even consumed with the haggis.
    • And they haven't even tried the tripe and onions yet.
    • The Haggis is the greatest of all puddings, greater than stomach, tripe or guts, and well worth this long grace.
  • 2informal

    paparruchas feminine informal
    chorradas feminine Spain informal
    mamadas feminine Mexico informal
    babosadas feminine Mexico Central America Colombia informal
    leseras feminine Chile informal
    • I saw bank tellers in cheap suits talking tripe to gullible secretaries.
    • I stopped reading the drivel Bill spouts a long time ago, until people started referencing his nonsense on their weblogs - usually in anger to whatever tripe he was bashing out.
    • There's a Minister for Global Health out there somewhere and it seems that if you write beyond your allocation of tripe and twaddle, he or she will take retribution.
    • I've said all the negative things I'm going to say, and I refuse to find anything positive about this irritatingly mindless tripe.
    • Yes, but then how many people are really interested in the tripe and rubbish served up at 6.30 pm on the programme.
    • This tripe, trivia and tosh poisons British politics and belittles us all
    • However, I choked on my breakfast cereal at the facile, almost comical self-indulgent tripe in the second half of the piece.
    • Even if you take that deep breath, you will find that the capacity for people to say completely ridiculous, stupid, insensitive and inconsiderate tripe knows no bounds.
    • And the attacks on his parents and even his town as a ‘breeding ground of liberal parenting’ just reeks of so much narrow-minded patriotic tripe.
    • The unadulterated tripe about food, the rise of the celebrity chef, cooking and all the pretentious cant that goes with it, is beyond me.