Translation of triple in Spanish:


triple, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtrɪp(ə)l//ˈtrɪpəl/


  • 1

    (thickness/dose) triple
    a triple string of pearls un collar de perlas de tres vueltas
    • I just had a client stop by my office to drop off 2 bottles of wine from Sterling Winery along with a box of the most decadent triple dark chocolate truffles from a specialty chocolatier.
    • With this state of mind come all the positive emotions with double and sometimes triple strength.
    • Avril went from high school to signing with a major label to a successful triple platinum debut album, all in 2 years.
    • And speaking of the bathroom, I buy the econo-pak of triple size toilet paper rolls and they're gone in two weeks.
    • As soon as she was in the cafeteria, she bought a triple sized hamburger and a cup of coffee.
    • Plans call for a space nearly triple that of the current 31,000-square-foot building.
    • The proposed two-storey property would be substantial in size and would include a triple garage and a self-contained two-bedroom lodge at the front.
    • They now were triple in size since Grace moved away.


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    triple the amount el triple
    • prices are triple what they were last year los precios se han triplicado desde el año pasado

transitive verb

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intransitive verb

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  • 2US

    (in baseball)
    hacer un triple
    hacer un triplete


  • 1US

    (in baseball)
    triple masculine
    triplete masculine
    • He had 22 home runs, seven triples, 27 doubles and 27 stolen bases.
    • He hit only 240 with 17 home runs, but he did record nine triples and 26 stolen bases.
    • He got back and started pounding doubles and triples down the third base line.
    • A triple in Japanese baseball is a fairly rare play.
    • For example, if there's a man on first, a single moves him to 2nd base, a double moves him to 3rd base, a triple takes him home, etc.
  • 2

    (jump, turn)
    triple masculine