Translation of triplet in Spanish:


trillizo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtrɪplɪt//ˈtrɪplɪt/


  • 1

    trillizo masculine
    trilliza feminine
  • 2

    tresillo masculine
    • In addition to quarters, eighths and sixteenth notes, triplets and dotted rhythms are used tastefully and add variety.
    • The arrows indicate the beginning of the grace note figure and the placement of each note in the triplet figure for the left hand.
    • All notes, rests, accidentals, articulations, triplets and staves are provided for the user.
    • Voicing in many pieces is made more advanced by placing the melody in the same hand as many moving sixteenth notes or triplets.
    • It also has some of the most tender passages Brahms ever wrote and a concluding series of halting triplets that is mesmerizing.
  • 3

    (in poetry)
    terceto masculine
    • That's to say, his poems build displacement into their structures: they move forward in discrete couplet and triplet units, they offer small bright pleasures and ask us to pass on quickly.
    • The verses of the Irish chapbooks are all in couplets but, in using the ‘liberty’ line, a pair of couplets is transformed into a triplet plus an isolated line.
    • Fifty-two of these triplets would be published in 1977 as Finding Losses.