Translation of triumph in Spanish:


triunfo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtraɪəmf//ˈtrʌɪʌmf/


  • 1

    triunfo masculine
    they returned in triumph regresaron triunfalmente
    • triumph over sb/sth triunfo sobre algn/algo
    • the triumph of reason over superstition el triunfo de la razón sobre la superstición
    • His greatest triumph was undoubtedly his achievement in training Laois ladies to win the All Ireland senior title three years ago.
    • But those triumphs are not his most extraordinary achievement.
    • Hitler refused to accept the Allied victory as a triumph with strategic dimensions.
    • Our achievements and triumphs are incredible.
    • Every day, little triumphs and major victories unfold throughout the country.
    • Twenty-four years on a play written by a Knockmore man to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the triumph has achieved the same level of acclaim as the team that inspired it.
    • The Party's third election victory was a triumph over the media class.
    • The victory was a tactical triumph for the German, who started a season-low sixth on the grid.
    • Nevertheless, I do get a sense from the trailer of a resounding triumph and victory when all is said and done.
    • But this victory will eclipse both those recent triumphs.
    • That's why their cultural achievements are on a par with our sporting triumphs - few and prized as a consequence.
    • Five speeches within the first 190 lines of the play feature his triumphs and victories on the battlefield.
    • The feeling and display of joy in England since Saturday morning was way beyond what it would have been had the triumph been achieved by a combined British team.
    • The victory repeated their triumph at the same tournament in 1998.
    • He vowed to speed up his controversial land reform programme, saying his victory was a triumph against British ‘imperialism’.
    • Some of Brazil's triumphs have been achieved in spite of their goalkeepers rather than because of them.
    • They returned to the palace, tired, weary, and many fewer than they had started out with, but flushed with the triumph of victory.
    • Prokofiev conceived it ‘as a symphony of the greatness of human spirit’; a triumph of victory over adversity at the end of the Second World War.
    • Her victory was an unlikely triumph for a woman who lay backstage crying before the curtain had even gone up.
    • The play-off triumph was also achieved despite half of the side being unavailable because of a school trip and the team falling 2-0 behind after just five minutes.
  • 2

    triunfo masculine
    • He returned to Rome in 166, when he and Marcus celebrated a triumph together.
    • He took many senators to Britain with him, to prevent their plotting against him in his absence, and once the required victory had been secured, he returned to Rome for his triumph.
    • Such was the fate of the Vandal king, Gelimir, paraded through Constantinople in 534 in a procession evoking the triumphs of ancient Rome.
    • Agricola circumnavigated the island, was ordered to Rome, and celebrated his triumph.
    • Octavian went ahead with his triumph, when the procession through Rome bore an image of Cleopatra with a snake ostentatiously clamped to her arm.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to triumph over sb/sth triunfar sobre algn/algo