Translation of trog in Spanish:


desgraciado, n.

Pronunciation /trɒɡ/



  • 1

    desgraciado masculine
    desgraciada feminine
    • For each of these guys are scores of others who ride, from the dirtiest swamp trog to the freshest flip technician.
    • At the risk of sounding like one of those trogs who dwells in a cave, shouts UGH when a strange clan shows up and waves monkey femurs, and must wait 75,000 years before Nuance is discovered, I'll admit to being anti-enemy.
    • He's your typical footy trog who inflates the language of football by injecting gratuitous fat-speak.
    • Unlike him, I think top universities do have a duty to open more routes, but ministers should devise quotas that help the genuinely disadvantaged, the trogs of Hartlepool, not the trendies of Hampstead.
    • Where are all the not-yet-total trogs, but not still bling-bling homies?