Translation of Trojan in Spanish:


troyano, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtroʊdʒən//ˈtrəʊdʒ(ə)n/


  • 1

    the Trojan Horse/War el caballo/la guerra de Troya


  • 1

    troyano masculine
    troyana feminine
    • When he and Apollo were cheated by the Trojans, Poseidon's revenge was endless.
    • Having heard that Crete was abandoned by its native ruler, the Trojans set sail.
    • They camp around the Trojan settlement and the Trojans watch them from their walls.
    • Helen is blamed for causing the Trojan War because the Greeks and Trojans were fighting over her.
    • A war fought at Troy between the native Trojans and the invading Greeks.
  • 2

    (hardworking person)
    to work like a Trojan trabajar como un burro informal
    • she's a real Trojan es muy trabajadora
  • 3

    (brave person)
    he/she's a little Trojan es muy valiente