Translation of troupe in Spanish:


compañía teatral, n.

Pronunciation /truːp//trup/


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    Theatre compañía teatral feminine
    (in circus) troupe feminine
    • Behind them is an army of shamrock-studded floats, Irish dance troupes and marching bands.
    • A troupe of Morris dancers wouldn't have looked out of place, prancing about on the village green.
    • The four dancers from the troupe which performed in Bulgaria are her students.
    • These were plays performed in fifteenth century England by roving troupes of actors.
    • Two performing troupes from the temple are constantly on tour overseas.
    • She performs with different troupes in various parts of the country and abroad.
    • Today, there are over fifty concert-party troupes that perform in both city and rural areas.
    • The arts council is expected to back a proposal for a national theatre that would not have a building or a troupe of actors.
    • There is a beauty to the troupes of dancers and actors, but writers have a different fate.
    • Dance troupes are becoming more popular; their performances relate stories of everyday life.
    • The stage gathered not only Bulgarian presenters but also members of folk troupes and dance ensembles from the Balkan region.
    • As early as the 1920s, the city had hosted performances by foreign ballet troupes and folk dance groups from Europe.
    • At present there're four Lord of the Dance troupes touring the world.
    • As part of the troupe, she toured Europe and performed in several major concerts.
    • Folk costumes are worn by Latvian Americans primarily when performing in song groups or dance troupes.
    • Elsewhere, many landowners funded their own troupes of serf dancers, performing folk and ballet.
    • Six separate dance troupes are currently touring the world with this winner of nine global awards.
    • More than half of them became ordinary dancers in dance troupes.
    • A dance troupe will be coming up from London to provide the entertainment.
    • Dance troupes, vocal and instrumental performers, fashion designers and other artists have also been invited to take part.