Translation of trouper in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈtrupər//ˈtruːpə/


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    miembro de una compañía teatral masculine
    she's a real trouper siempre está dispuesta a echar una mano
    • an old trouper un veterano/una veterana
    • She was really being a trouper and trying to continue.
    • This last pursuit had him touring America in a state of health that would have most troupers languishing in bed with a port and lemon and it was effectively the death of him.
    • She's been on her own for the best part of 20 years since my dad died, but she's always a trouper.
    • Denise, who is playing the wicked queen, said: ‘I take my crown off to her she is a real trouper.’
    • Bridget says that her son is a real trouper, but his success, she hopes, will reassure any parent whose child is diagnosed as a diabetic.
    • I admire your fortitude, but there's a fine line between being a trouper and recklessness.
    • These girls are not fiercely independent rock rebels; they are well-behaved showbiz troupers from the tightly controlled world of manufactured pop.
    • To help him reminisce, he is joined by troupers from that period: Ken Dodd, Roy Hudd, Sheila Tracy and Anthony Horowitz.
    • But, being a trouper, she drove out of LA with a guitar and a box of records, and did a one-woman ‘tour’, playing at locations of opportunity for a couple of weeks.
    • The Thai performers are experienced troupers who know how to lip-sync to Chinese songs and they would go downstage to mingle with the audience, such as sitting down on the laps of the male audience members.
    • ‘Well, your little one is a trouper,’ he offered.
    • But he's a trouper, and I hope everything will work out.
    • In this photograph, Kerry bears an odd resemblance to an ageing Beach Boy, another old trouper who promises good vibrations.
    • But one of Bobby's colleagues points out what a trouper he was.
    • She was a trouper and just got on with it and helped set the tone.
    • Like an old trouper who cannot resist the limelight, he flounced out of a special parade of champions, saying he could not support sport as long as there were drug cover-ups going on.
    • While these super troupers keep on plucking, we are left to look for a new generation of stars to usurp them.
    • But you've never seen a trouper like this before.
    • I'd recommend it to novice gardeners because it is a real trouper of a plant.
    • ‘So Richard, the trouper that he is, hit the stage to a rapturous applause of appreciation, gave a marvellous opening speech and saved the day gloriously,’ said Mr Simpson.
    • A real trouper puts on the sort of show his admirers expect.
    • But he is a trouper who often ends up saving the day.
    • During the 1980s and '90s he wrote many songs and formed many bands to play them, touring like a trouper nationally and internationally.
    • Next came juvenile acts like the Gumm Sisters, whose youngest member later changed her name to Judy Garland, and the Nicholas Brothers, dancing troupers who subsequently became headliners.
    • She rambled into unscripted anecdotes, and there were tons of references to American icons and Hollywood chums I'd never heard of, but a true trouper captivates no matter what.
    • And the more open you are with kids, I think the more reassured they are, and they were really troupers.
    • ‘You'd think after all these years we'd all be troupers,’ said Davis.
    • Jack was a trouper and went on with us to the movie.
    • She is - loyal trouper - solidly behind him, more interested, apparently, in setting the historical record straight than concerned about her own very public humiliation.
    • After the circus troupers leave, clown-mime Manuel stays on, moving into a nearby shack, befriending Willem and teaching him magic and clown arts.
    • Well, she's a trouper through and through, that's for sure.
    • Irving and Ethel were two of a kind, indefatigable troupers who simply never wanted to get off stage.
    • I suspect they are troupers who will be perfect wherever and whenever they play.
    • But Rona the trouper quickly moved on, wheezing her way into the audience's affections.
    • She's such a trouper that even when suffering from the flu she'll just pop a couple of Asprin and soldier on.
    • She's a trouper, though, and is happy to do the interview between glugs. ‘This is a very good environment to be creative in,’ she says.