Translation of trousers in Spanish:


pantalón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtraʊzərz//ˈtraʊzəz/

plural noun

  • 1

    pantalón masculine
    pantalones masculine
    a pair of trousers unos pantalones
    • long/short trousers pantalones largos/cortos
    • I remember him when he was still in short trousers lo recuerdo cuando aún era un niño
    • anything in trousers cualquier cosa que lleve pantalones
    • Each member of emergency staff will be fitted for the uniform, with a full set of several shirts, pairs of trousers, shoes and socks costing £400.
    • I looked around and grabbed a pair of trousers that actually fit me and a purple shirt, and also some undergarments.
    • In the fall, a flat loafer, heavy tights, and a nice pair of trousers is a sharp look.
    • Her hair was brushed and gleaming, her white jumpsuit had been exchanged for a pair of trousers and a huge coat, both in dark blue.
    • The ordinary clothing of Afghani men is a rather baggy pair of trousers with a draw-string at the waist, and a loose, long-sleeved shirt reaching about to the knees.
    • I have 10 pairs of trousers and 20 shirts hanging in my wardrobe.
    • He muttered darkly about his outraged modesty as he threw on a crumpled white shirt and a black pair of trousers before heading downstairs to the sitting room.
    • If you are going away for a few days then I would advise taking a basic piece of bottom clothing (ie a pair of trousers or a skirt) and lots of different tops.
    • It contains my books of poetry, two shirts, two pairs of trousers, a pair of slippers, toothpaste and a brush.
    • Many men had suits made to measure with two pairs of trousers as the coats and waistcoats usually outlasted one pair of trousers.
    • He was a very young man in a plain pair of trousers and an old shirt.
    • But weeks later, a package arrived direct from the designer containing two pairs of trousers, two shirts, dress shoes, trainers and a belt.
    • Dyana nodded again and the lady pulled out a small shirt and a pair of trousers, along with a tunic.
    • Why bother wearing a shirt if you aren't going to put a decent pair of trousers on?
    • Wearing only a linen shirt and a pair of trousers, she pulled her cloak from a nearby chair and wrapped it around her shoulders.
    • I zoom upstairs to pull on a jumper and pair of trousers.
    • For example, two dissimilar jackets, two pairs of trousers, two distinctive shirts and two neckties can be combined in sixteen different ways.
    • To measure the length of your inseam, lay a pair of trousers that fit you well flat on the table as aforementioned, and measure them from the top of the inner pant leg seam to the opening at the bottom of the leg.
    • I changed out of my road clothes into a clean pair of trousers and a light blouse.
    • She opened it and pulled out a few pairs of trousers and gowns and stuffed them into a valise under her bed.