Translation of truant in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈtruːənt//ˈtruənt/


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    to play truant hacerse la vaca
    • The Department for Education and Skills has already warned that any pupil missing school to attend a demonstration would be treated as truants and headteachers have warned that they could face expulsion.
    • In most cases, children who are truants end up in the criminal courts and move on to become repeat offenders, unless something is done to look at why they do not want to go to school.
    • But the local education authority warned that pupils who attended the demonstration would be treated as truants.
    • He is also proposing placing police in and around schools to round up truants.
    • A police crackdown on school truants in the north-west area seems to be making progress.
    • In secondary schools, 3,345 of 20,966 pupils skipped classes - with truants missing an average of 13 half-days.
    • Some education officers were also encouraging parents of truants to deregister their children from school, so they could meet new government targets for increasing school attendance.
    • Why not bring this regime back for the hard-core truants, if they won't attend school during school time make them attend in their own time.
    • Maybe the authorities should put some structures in place, like perhaps a truant officer to accost these truants.
    • Plans to jail the parents of persistent truants have been dismissed as unworkable - by the pupils themselves.
    • Learning mentors will work with primary schoolchildren, who are deemed at risk of becoming truants.
    • But she wonders if ministers quite understand the real world when she hears ideas such as head teachers' issuing fixed penalty notice fines to truants ' parents.
    • Students are considered habitual truants if they have 10 or more unexcused absences in a school year.
    • Known truants were staying in school and had been deterred from leaving school grounds.
    • If they were encouraging genuine truants back to school then I would be entirely supportive.
    • School truants are to be targeted this month as part of a joint operation by the council and police.
    • We know that 4,048 students were reported as long-term truants last year.
    • Numbers of truants are so high education social workers do not have the resources to spend a lot of time with all the families involved.
    • The school collaborates with a charity to inspire and re-engage underachieving pupils and chronic truants.
    • Some students have been warned that they will be treated as truants.

    alumno que falta a clase sin autorización

intransitive verb

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    faltar a clase