Translation of truck stop in Spanish:

truck stop

bar de carretera, n.



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    bar de carretera masculine
    • Nevertheless, taking my flashlight and a thermos of coffee I'd bought at an all-night truck stop, I started up the trail.
    • Bedford used to be a depressed, grim farming town, with nothing on offer for the weary traveller - just a lone truck stop and a café.
    • Thankfully, though, we stopped at a truck stop, and I could buy a CD.
    • In 1969 she moved to the Jacksonville area and went to work as a short-order cook at a truck stop along Interstate 95.
    • The lone trucker pulls into the faceless truck stop on his route and goes inside for a cup of coffee.
    • While you may not recognize the name, if you've ever used the restroom of a truck stop then you've probably seen his work.
    • Another man who called about the car at the truck stop did come forward.
    • A scheme to redevelop a former petrol station into a truck stop and haulage depot has got into gear.
    • When she couldn't find anyone, she shrugged and went inside the restaurant just next to the truck stop they were in.
    • I wait to meet Adolfo in a truck stop inside Eagle Pass, a couple miles north of the Rio Grande.
    • Investigators recovered surveillance footage of at least six men stealing three different fuel haulers from a truck stop in western New York on the morning of October 19.
    • Situated on the Sligo side of the village, it is located close to a truck stop and get a lot of their trade from drivers stopping in.
    • Around 3 AM, the buses pulled into a truck stop at Sonora, Tx.
    • When they were twenty minutes outside of the main city, he pulled the car over, parking it in the back of the nearest truck stop off the highway, unable to fight his drooping eyelids for another moment.
    • At about one in the morning, we came to a truck stop.
    • On the way home several couples, including my parents, stopped at the truck stop for breakfast.
    • A sign greets visitors outside a truck stop with a resounding: ‘Let freedom reign.’
    • As I left the truck stop, a thought crossed my mind.
    • Speaking from a pay phone at a truck stop in Kansas, he says his brief but intense dalliance with the private sector taught him a lot, including the importance of sticking to what you do best.
    • There's only one diner in town - the local truck stop, and I went in.