Translation of true north in Spanish:

true north

el norte geográfico, n.


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    el norte geográfico
    • There had been hopes that the variation of the compass - the angle between the directions of magnetic north and true north - might do the trick, since it was known to vary with position on the earth.
    • Oddly, the surveyor used magnetic north in laying out the site, whereas the nearby streets were laid out on a true north bearing.
    • An example of the former is that the Bermuda Triangle lies on the 80° meridian, a line that is one of two places on Earth where the magnetic and true north poles are in perfect alignment.
    • During his expeditions in the Americas and Europe, he recorded and reported on magnetic declination - the angle between magnetic north and true north at a particular location.
    • The eastern side of the Great Pyramid, for example, points only three arcminutes away from a true north - south line, and other pyramids in the group are not much worse.