Translation of trumpeter in Spanish:


trompetista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtrʌmpɪtə//ˈtrəmpədər/


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    trompetista masculine
    trompeta feminine
    • The trumpeter is the nominal leader of this highly musical jam session.
    • Tapestries hung from the trumpets of the state trumpeters.
    • The ladies rode on palfreys or were drawn on litters, escorted by gentlemen, squires and pages, with trumpeters, drummers and minstrels.
    • The trumpeter and composer is also passionate about the alcoholism and drug organisation he has recently launched.
    • Many of the scenes are divided by instrumental passages played by a small ensemble of trumpeters and drummers sitting at the back of the stage.
    • Imperial processions were vast, with drummers, trumpeters, attendants carrying torches and many more.
    • The drummers and trumpeters they employed moved about from stage to balcony and turret as they were required.
    • He is an extrovert trumpeter and composer, confident and even refreshingly brash at times!
    • Were you ever a trumpeter or other brass instrument player?
    • Tuneful trumpeters joined harmonious horn players at Bury Music Centre when they staged annual concert performances.
    • As a trumpeter, I have played a number of trumpet tunes and voluntaries that were transcriptions of original baroque organ works.
    • I think by the way, you might think of having trumpets and trumpeters do your signature tune when have you a new one.
    • My dad had been a trumpeter, too, but became a pianist because it was easier to make a living that way.
    • We will hear again the lead trumpeter's two-note rift telling his musicians it's time to celebrate.
    • Prima was also a serious musician, an expert trumpeter and author of numerous tunes including the jazz standard ‘Sing Sing Sing!’
    • Then trumpeters played a fanfare, fireworks boomed and crackled across the sky and children from schools on either side of the river waved flags and exchanged huge greetings cards to commemorate new links between their communities.
    • The early years Rossini's father was a trumpeter and horn player, his mother a singer.
    • The timpanist, however, sounds tentative throughout, as if afraid to overwhelm the trumpeters.
    • Bands of that era also featured great pianists, bassists, trumpeters, flautists, violinists, and occasional saxophonists.
    • Few jazz musicians are experts on three instruments, but that's not the only thing that makes this accomplished trumpeter, pianist and drummer Brad unusual in jazz circles.