Translation of trunk road in Spanish:

trunk road

carretera principal, n.



  • 1

    carretera principal feminine
    • The park would then take a route through an underpass beneath the trunk road and continue on the side of Ramsey village.
    • This may be the case but the onus is on the developer to provide suitable mitigation to address any impact on the trunk road and local road networks.
    • One of the options they hope the study would look at is upgrading the trunk road to dual carriageway all the way from York to Scarborough.
    • The team was stationed on the trunk road from 9am to 3pm and made checks on more than 200 vehicles.
    • Britain, one of the provinces furthest from Rome, was provided with a road system which in total length is comparable with our modern trunk road and motorway network.
    • A Highways Agency route management strategy highlighted improvements that need to be made to the trunk road.
    • Unlicensed vehicles chug up and down the main trunk road to a nearby industrial estate.
    • Later, a van was blown into the central reservation on the trunk road's eastbound carriageway.
    • One lane of the trunk road was still closed today while investigations into the accident continued.
    • While road signs vary in cost according to their size, a typical one installed on a Scottish trunk road is estimated to cost about £1,500.
    • Tailbacks of up to four miles were reported on the M90 and the A90 trunk road as a result of the restrictions but traffic started to return to normal by late afternoon.
    • We await an upgrade of the A8000, a vital trunk road that would have been turned into a motorway years ago had it been in the south.
    • The site is just a few minutes’ drive from the M1 and the trunk road between Rotherham and Sheffield.
    • Campaigners have stepped up their call for a bypass on a notorious trunk road after police figures revealed one in seven deaths on the county's roads have occurred on the A590.
    • We have no space in which to build new local roads, because of our geography - we live in a small bowl-shape, rigidly cut up by two rivers, a canal, railways and a trunk road, and all the segments between these are full of houses etc.
    • He said: ‘How much longer do we need to wait to have a suitable trunk road servicing a major port like this’
    • Trevor said the couple had chosen the village because of its proximity to their home, the large, relatively well-off local population and the location on a busy trunk road into Bradford.
    • The trip was 106 miles along one of the worst roads, never mind a supposed trunk road, I've ever had the displeasure to drive on.
    • The barrier had clearly prevented a cross-over accident on a busy trunk road where the vehicle would otherwise have probably ploughed into oncoming traffic.
    • Is it because the proposed station here would mean longer delays at the level crossing so putting further pressure on the highways for a relief road over the railway line connecting with the trunk road?