Translation of trust in Spanish:


confianza, n.

Pronunciation: /trəst//trʌst/


  • 1

    • 1.1(confidence, faith)

      confianza feminine
      he's betrayed her trust ha traicionado la confianza que había puesto en él
      • trust in sb/sth confianza en algn/algo
      • I have every trust in his integrity tengo absoluta confianza en su integridad
      • to put / place one's trust in sb/sth depositar su (/ mi etc. ) confianza en algn/algo
      • on trust (on credit) a crédito
      • to take sb on trust fiarse de algn
      • we'll just have to take her story on trust habrá que fiarse de la veracidad de sus palabras
      • take it on trust that ... ten por seguro que ...
      • She nodded slowly, her eyes not leaving his, needing his trust and belief in her.
      • Secondly, to be completely autonomous is to not take any statement on trust or recognize authority.
      • Over half of the companies surveyed gave values of quality, trust, reliability and integrity.
      • Only a government which always speaks the truth is able to win people's trust.
      • One theorist defines trust as a belief in the goodness of others.
      • As well, the heart of his case was that much of the evidence needed to be accepted on trust.
      • By your historically unprecedented disloyalty, you have betrayed our trust.
      • There is probably nothing worse than the betrayal of trust and belief.
      • Our relationships here are based on trust and belief in shared principles.
      • However, it had a firm foundation of trust on which to build, as recent surveys had shown that most people trusted their GP or nurse.
      • There's life in Munster yet, even if we are taking it more on trust than on hard evidence.
      • She had thought that he had betrayed her trust, her faith, and her love for one of her oldest enemies.
      • I am staying strong within my faith, trust and beliefs as I grow spiritually.
      • If the call to faith is to be liberating, faith must be understood as trust rather than as belief.
      • Culture brings us together, usually at a very small scale through mutual belief, trust and common interest.
      • This means full dependence on our service reliability and total trust in our product supply.
      • Although recent events may have combined to erode this trust and our belief in its abilities, we must strive to recall how effective a therapeutic tool it once was.
      • However, comprehending the need to adopt a different approach, efforts have been launched to win back their trust.
      • Actions are sudden and impromptu and the motive sometimes so inexplicable that we simply have to accept them on trust.
      • As an actor, you don't know how the film will look on completion so it was excellent for him to have a great deal of trust in our abilities.
      • It is a gentle and firm participation with trust.
      • It's about belief, trust, sacrifices made and quality of life, though I can't prove this to you.
      • Their clients, who had placed their trust in the firm, not to mention their money, also lost considerable sums.
      • Client belief and trust in the therapist was considered to be about equal from both perspectives.

    • 1.2(responsibility)

      a position of trust un puesto de confianza / responsabilidad
      • a sacred trust una sagrada responsabilidad

  • 2

    • 2.1(money, property)

      fondo de inversiones masculine
      • Her evidence is vague in this regard, but the details will be worked out after the home is sold and the proceeds to be held in trust are dealt with.
      • If the property is held in trust and a person has a beneficial interest in it, I suppose that person can sell that beneficial interest.
      • The third mortgagee may retain the proceeds of sale now held in trust until after costs have been dealt with.
      • He settles that property on trusts which give his wife an initial interest in possession for her life or 3 months whichever is the shorter.
      • Council currently has around 13 per cent of its funds in shares, bonds and property trusts.

    • 2.2(institution)

      fundación feminine
      • A limited company formed by a charitable trust founded by a consortium of scientists and growers which has been renting the site is now close to clinching a deal to buy it.
      • They also propose creating unified health and social work budgets to be managed by community health trusts.
      • The trust is a unique organisation that provides a vital service in the community to families who have a child with a life-threatening or terminal illness.
      • Beginning in late 1921, state and municipal authorities began to organize manufacturing and retailing trusts.
      • The family now uses more than 100 trusts, including numerous charitable trusts, to manage its money.

    • 2.3Law

      fideicomiso masculine
      to hold sth in trust for sb mantener algo en fideicomiso para algn
      • This has worked elsewhere, especially with civic trusts and other well organised groups.
      • Private real estate trusts and partnerships may be smart plays for the long term
      • ‘For a recommendation to be implemented, it has to be supported by a trust or other body with influence,’ he said.
      • In addition to IBCs, there are limited partnerships and trusts, all of which are exempt from taxation.

    • 2.4Finance
      (financial instrument)

      fideicomiso masculine

  • 3

    (monopoly group)
    trust masculine
    cartel masculine
    • Did anyone involved in either managing or marketing the trusts collude in a way that impacted on share prices and could be construed as market abuse?
    • At the turn of the century, there was increased public concern regarding potential market abuses by large corporate trusts.
    • He would himself use the language of Progressive era reform rhetoric to mold Storrow and those who supported him as men of money, monopolies and trusts.
    • Many trusts now enter the market to buy their own shares and support the price if their value drops by more than 10% under the NAV.
    • The organisation has asked for our help in cracking down on abusive corporations, abusive trusts and tax shelters.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (have confidence in)
    confiar en
    tener confianza en
    (in negative sentences) fiarse de
    trust me confía en mí
    • don't trust her no te fíes de ella
    • he can't be trusted no es de fiar
    • I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him no me fío un pelo de él
    • to trust sb/sth to + inf
    • to trust sb with sth confiarle algo a algn
    • they trust him to solve any problems confían en que les solucione cualquier problema
    • can they be trusted to be there on time? ¿podemos confiar en que van a llegar a tiempo?
    • I don't trust them to do as they're told no me fío de que vayan a obedecer
    • I've broken it — trust you! se me ha roto — ¡típico!
    • I wouldn't trust him with my car yo no le confiaría mi coche
    • I'd trust her with my life confío plenamente en ella
  • 2

    to trust sth/sb to sb/sth confiarle algo/algn a algn/algo
  • 3formal

    (hope, assume)
    we trust you enjoyed yourselves esperamos que se hayan divertido
    • I trust you're well espero que estés bien
    • I trust so eso espero

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to trust in sb/sth confiar / tener confianza en algn/algo
    • to trust to sth confiar en algo
    • to trust to luck dejar algo librado al azar