Translation of truthful in Spanish:


que dice la verdad, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtruːθf(ə)l//ˈtruːθfʊl//ˈtruθfəl/


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    (person) que dice la verdad
    (person) veraz
    (person) sincero
    (testimony) veraz
    (testimony) verídico
    (answer) veraz
    (depiction) fiel
    • We are providing more of a truthful, accurate version.
    • Not only must I be truthful - honest - in my replies, I must also consider their ramifications.
    • She will never accept an answer so truthful and honest and good.
    • If someone writes in an honest truthful voice, people are drawn to it like the proverbial bees to honey.
    • The biggest problem with these test sheets is obtaining truthful and honest answers.
    • In short, there was confidence in the leader, because he was exemplary, honest and truthful.
    • He will discover that all matters are dealt with in an honest, open and truthful way.
    • ‘Everything I brought to council was truthful and honest… I rest my case,’ she said defiantly.
    • My interpretation of it was as a call to arms to get back to some basics: truthful storytelling, great acting and letting people get on with it.
    • Therefore, let me say to you, remember what our parents and our ancestors used to say: be truthful, be honest.
    • However, I would like to urge those who hold excess land to be honest and truthful in pricing such land when it is to be acquired for resettlement purposes.
    • Throughout my political life I have always endeavoured to be honest, truthful and, above all, to maintain my integrity.
    • Dublin audiences often found in the Ulster theater's performances a more truthful representation of Irish life than in the Abbey Theatre plays.
    • Contemporary film-makers do not want to be aligned with this naïve notion, but it has been central to the documentary being perceived as a more truthful or accurate account of events.
    • There are truthful and honest moments in this film.
    • A realistic portrayal of a back-street abortion would have been more artistically truthful and in the process made the case for legalising it.
    • For a transaction of this magnitude to be successful, all parties involved must be honest, sincere and truthful to one another.
    • No matter how truthful the representation, it is hard to imagine that the murderer was as totally unhinged as he is portrayed.
    • She instructed students to be precise and truthful in their answers.
    • I challenge the council to walk round the borough with me and give a truthful answer to my letter.
    • Unfortunately these two characters are unable to take it any further, they can't be intimate or truthful or completely honest and open about their lives.
    • Cynthia is a BEAUTIFUL woman, a truthful, honest woman.
    • People don't go to this kind of movie expecting accurately detailed, historically and truthful representations of real people recreating true incidents.
    • Sometimes the most honest and truthful communication is the most simple.
    • The novel is both a stand-alone work of fiction, and a truthful representation of the perspective of a woman who lived through some of the great events of the 20th century.
    • In reporting war, there is no single truthful representation of events.
    • Socialist realism demands from the artist the truthful, historically concrete depiction of reality in its revolutionary development.
    • I thought I was going crazy in trying to find some honest, truthful answers to my concerns.
    • The important thing for me, though, is that I live a truthful and an honest life from this point on.
    • What I wanted to do was create a film that was honest and truthful about growing up in that part of England.
    • ‘Trying to imitate somebody and still do truthful spontaneous acting at the same time is an incredible task,’ he says.
    • The writing is very good indeed; and the cast responds with some powerful, moving, upsetting, sometimes funny but always bitterly truthful acting.
    • My Town is pointed in its truthful and artistically rendered depiction of an abandoned people.
    • These sentiments in my mind prohibited me from being honest and truthful to my friends.
    • While that may be a truthful representation of the area, the movie hinges on the idea of the state having some kind of magic that transforms you.
    • You're smart and truthful and honest and modest.