Translation of tubal in Spanish:


tubárico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtjuːb(ə)l//ˈt(j)ubəl/



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    de las trompas de Falopio
    • This fills the uterine cavity, and, with the use of a small telescope inserted into the abdomen, dye will be seen flowing from the tubal opening at the ovary if the tube is patent.
    • The ectopic pregnancy rate is approximately 5-8% following tubal anastomsis surgery and this generally requires removal of the fallopian tube if it occurs.
    • In nulliparous women, in the upright position, their long axis is vertical; it has lateral and mesial surfaces, tubal and uterine extremities and mesovarian and free borders.
    • Endosalpingiosis is the ectopic placement of glands lined by tubal epithelium.
    • Endometriosis, tubal surgery and pelvic surgery result in pelvic and tubal adhesions and abnormal tubal function.