Translation of tube in Spanish:


tubo, n.

Pronunciation /t(j)ub//tjuːb/


  • 1

    • 1.1(pipe)

      tubo masculine
      • The radiologist connects a barium bag to the tube to deliver liquid barium into your colon.
      • The root system was submerged in nutrient solution, and a plastic tube was connected to the cut end of the stem to collect the fluid.
      • To perform this experiment a little oil of turpentine was placed at the bottom of a glass tube surrounded with boiling liquid air.
      • Anaesthesia usually begins when the anaesthetist injects a drug through a fine plastic tube inserted into a vein in the back of the hand.
      • He was going to do a tracheotomy, opening the throat and inserting a tube into the windpipe.
      • There were also racks of smaller tubes filled with clear and purple liquids and jars of empty plastic tubes.
      • Root growth is observed daily through the transparent plastic tubes.
      • A plastic tube is inserted in the nostril and down into the stomach.
      • In other news, Junior is feeding so well that he is free of plastic tubes.
      • A straw itself will not hold up well to this experiment, so see if you can get a tube of glass or plastic.
      • This effect can also be seen when a liquid is in a tube such as a measuring cylinder.
      • From it emerges a plastic tube with a mask that fits over my nose.
      • The samples were stored refrigerated in plastic tubes without preservatives until further processing within 24 hours.
      • Stock should be watered weekly; this can be facilitated by attaching a perforated tube to the end of a hose and inserting the tube into the bundles.
      • Kim pulled out a small glass tube with liquid inside.
      • This metal tip transfers your body heat to the liquid inside the glass tube.
      • He punctured my eardrum, drained the fluid and inserted a plastic tube.
      • The idea is to use the plasma coating to line catheters - plastic tubes surgically inserted into the body so patients can rid themselves of waste products from the blood through a dialysis machine.
      • One end of the tube is connected to the cylinder, and its heat lights the fuel.
      • Catheters - small plastic tubes - are inserted into veins in the arm or leg to access the heart for procedures such as angioplasties and stent placements.

    • 1.2(container)

      tubo masculine
      • One company sent them 12,000 toothbrushes and 12,000 tubes of toothpaste.
      • But I'll buy two giant tubes of toothpaste if I have a coupon.
      • The food comes in what look like toothpaste tubes.
      • A toothpaste tube had been squeezed flat by a shoe.
      • There is a new tube of toothpaste ready and waiting.
      • In their other hands were new toothbrushes, a tube of toothpaste and container of dental floss they received from their dentists.
      • With most tubes of toothpaste, you can roll them up and twist them to get the last bit of toothpaste out of there.
      • Perry went into the bathroom and grabbed the tube of toothpaste.
      • In the hygiene aisle, I grabbed two tubes of toothpaste, a bottle of shampoo.
      • He giggles like a girl and waves a tube of auburn paint at me.
      • I have assumed your tube of toothpaste lasts for a little over two months
      • On view were five enormous inflatable white objects shaped like bottles, cans or toothpaste tubes.
      • He remembers collecting toothpaste tubes, newspapers, pots and pans.
      • The card features a bunny holding a tube of toothpaste.
      • This year's consignment of 5,000 boxes goes out this Saturday, along with blankets knitted by residents and 25,000 tubes of toothpaste.
      • You can't put the toothpaste back into the tube.
      • It is no longer added to paint or pesticides and it is no longer used in such things as toothpaste tubes, tin can solder, toys and many other things.
      • Cale followed me and promptly stole the tube of toothpaste from me.
      • I love finishing things - boxes of tissues, books, tubes of toothpaste, moisturiser, notebooks, whatever.
      • Even the little tubes of toothpaste in the washrooms were taken.
      • He tossed out papers and paperclips and a tube of toothpaste onto the floor before finally withdrawing my inhaler.

    • 1.3inner tube

      cámara feminine

  • 2

    she's had her tubes tied le han hecho un ligado / una ligadura de trompas
    • It can spread to the womb and tubes leading to pelvic inflammatory disease.
    • For example, it is unclear how these superficial peritoneal lesions would give rise to infertility, especially if they were distant from the fimbria of the tubes or ovaries.
    • The bladder and rectum originate from a single hollow tube, the endodermal cloaca.
    • Mucus hostility means that the secretion from the neck of the womb is abnormal, and kills the sperm so that they cannot travel through the uterus to the tubes.
    • The endothelial tube everywhere remains intact and continuous.
    • She will have an ultrasound scan of the womb, tubes and ovaries.
    • The trachea is unbranched, and is formed by the division of the foregut by a longitudinal septum into two tubes - the trachea and the esophagus.
    • Adhesions can involve the uterus, tubes, ovaries, and bowels and can attach any of these structures to each other or to the floor of the pelvic area.
    • But when you have a cold, swollen membranes in the ear can block the Eustachian tube, he explains.
    • Encouraging women to lose weight before becoming pregnant could independently prevent neural tube defects.
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    • 3.1US Electronics

      tubo masculine

    • 3.2

      picture / television tube tubo de imagen masculine

  • 4US informal

    the tube la tele informal
  • 5British informal

    (London underground railway)
    the tube el subte Argentina
    • let's go by tube vamos en metro