Translation of tuber in Spanish:


tubérculo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtjuːbə//ˈt(j)ubər/



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    tubérculo masculine
    • All enzymes tested could be visualized in growing potato tubers or potato stems.
    • Vegetative propagation through budding, grafting, tubers, rootstocks and tissue culture are major industries.
    • A good thing, too, as everyone soon agreed: despite its beautiful flower, the dahlia tuber is not very tasty!
    • In mild climates, dahlia tubers can overwinter in the ground; in cold climates, dig and store them in a frost-free place until planting time in spring.
    • Plant a few tubers now for new potatoes in August and September.
    • By planting parts of the tuber of a potato, one can create new organisms with the same genetic makeup.
    • By contrast to leaves, potato tubers represent a non-photosynthetic plant tissue that uses a large amount of imported sucrose to synthesize starch as the major carbon store.
    • Crocuses and gladioli, for example, are really corms, while such favorites as dahlias and begonias are really tubers.
    • Their food consists of tubers and rhizomes, which they dig out with their bills.
    • Along with true bulbs, several types of flowers, sold as bulbs, grow from the underground stem growth of rhizomes, tubers, and corms.