Translation of tubercular in Spanish:


tubercular, adj.

Pronunciation /tjʊˈbəːkjʊlə//ˌt(j)uˈbərkjələr/


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    • He came to Britain, working in Cardiff, where he obtained the diploma in tubercular diseases, and later returned to India.
    • A tubercular growth center of appropriate size could produce a simple barb-like element, with cortex and medulla.
    • In conclusion, PCR can be used as an additional test for detecting M. tuberculosis in patients with tubercular pleuritis because conventional methods have low sensitivity.
    • Pearl used statistical methods to determine whether tubercular lesions found during these autopsies were correlated with cancer.
    • A separate section of pyogenic, tubercular and brucella infection of the spine is included.
    • Death rates from silicosis, miners' phthisis, and tubercular diseases were very high on the Rand.
    • All 8 patients of tubercular breast abscess responded to repeat aspiration in conjunction with ATT.
    • In acute miliary tubercular mastitis breast disease is a part of a generalized miliary tuberculosis.