Translation of tubing in Spanish:


tubería, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtjuːbɪŋ//ˈt(j)ubɪŋ/


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    tubería feminine
    a length of rubber tubing un trozo de tubo de goma
    • Cover each loop with plastic tubing to avoid corrosion and increase durability.
    • The central and biggest sculpture was four lengths of large clear plastic tubing, each connected to the same cross fitting and filled with water.
    • Eleven centimetre long shoot segments were obtained from internodes of previous year shoots, placed vertically and fitted to plastic tubing.
    • I slipped short lengths of plastic tubing on top to give the fingers thickness.
    • This is a network of plastic tubing that can be regulated to provide a constant moisture supply to your plants.
    • Reports suggest that he was found with a plastic bag and some tubing while in doping control.
    • The device, which consisted of a foot-operated pump, clear plastic tubing attached to large plastic cups, was supposed to enlarge by creating a vacuum.
    • Modern industry has also introduced plastic tubing and vacuum pumps to siphon the sap directly to a single central location for further processing.
    • The plastic tubing is then laid out in a continuous loop pattern starting from the control manifold, and is secured to the subfloor with special fasteners.
    • An elastic band secured the binoculars to a small platform mounted at the correct height on a piece of grey plastic tubing attached to the platform.
    • We set to work in that bright and humid space cutting large plastic tubing and small plastic tubing.
    • When a pre-prepared bag of a substance for transfusion, such as blood, saline and the like, is to be connected to another piece of equipment, for example in a hospital, this is usually done by use of plastic tubing.
    • The bottles were uniformly aerated using a compressor and plastic tubing.
    • Weep holes are made by placing rope or plastic tubing in the mortar joints, or by leaving the mortar out of every second or third head joint.
    • The little pump was also on sale and came with about 4 feet of plastic tubing.
    • The emergency team anaesthetist noticed that the airway heater had caused the breathing circuit's plastic tubing to melt and turned the heater off.
    • Using a long piece of plastic tubing, carefully siphon off the clear liquid into a clean container.
    • I could feel gauzy bandages wrapped around my forehead, and I could feel the plastic tubing taped to my upper lip to help me breathe.
    • Arterial catheters with plastic tubing had not been invented.
    • Generally, it is 1/2 inch flexible plastic tubing that is laid out at 8 to 12 inch spacing below or in the floor.