Translation of tubular in Spanish:


tubular, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtjuːbjʊlə//ˈt(j)ubjələr/


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    • Its tubular flowers grow in tiers, rising above the lovely foliage.
    • They all have tubular flowers with the most common colors being red and blue.
    • The yellowish-green to white perianth of male and hermaphrodite flowers is tubular.
    • It produces showy, tubular flowers in summer and is able to set seed if pollinators are available.
    • It's an annual, with heart shaped leaves and curious tubular flowers, yellow at the base and purple at the top.
    • The flower has a tubular calyx with four ovate lobes and a corolla with four overlapping petals.
    • Predation by ants may have driven the evolution of flowers with a more tubular shape, counterbalancing the pressure for flaring caused by bumblebees and explaining the less open shape in areas where ants are more numerous.
    • Curcuma is a tall reed-like tuber from Burma with luscious, lilac-pink tubular flowers that make a spectacular show.
    • Agapanthus have long been prized for their unique 1 to 4 inch clusters of tubular flowers - often as many as 20-50 per cluster.
    • The long tubular flowers look great with many ornamentals but are especially attractive near green-and-white hostas and dark daylilies.
    • The plant has smooth, shiny, oval leaves and tubular flowers.
    • Flowers with tubular red corollas are especially attractive to hummingbirds.
    • Other flowers attract hummingbirds with color; such flowers tend to be red, have symmetrical tubular flowers, and provide a heavy nectar flow.
    • In late spring, the arching stems carry drooping clusters of small, tubular flowers that are white tipped with green.
    • It's in the same family as Daphne and the tubular flowers resemble those of its cousin, except that they are a bright, buttery yellow!
    • In winter and spring, profuse clusters of long tubular white flowers burst open at the tips of the branches.
    • Descending rows of dots and extended tubular shapes meander across pale blue and green backgrounds.
    • Add some hardy fuchsias for their pink, red and white tubular flowers that appeal to the hummingbirds.
    • The small, tubular flowers are a translucent white with the faintest blush of rose.
    • It is essential to keep in mind that hummers prefer tubular flowers that allow their long, needle-like bills to fit inside these tubes.