Translation of tufa in Spanish:


toba, n.

Pronunciation /ˈt(j)ufə//ˈt(j)uːfə/


  • 1

    toba feminine
    tufo masculine
    • Along the shoreline, pinnacles of calcium carbonate deposits, called tufa, glare white in the sunlight.
    • It's an otherworldly site, fringed with dunes and studded with bone-white calcium carbonate spires called tufa towers.
    • It is perched on a plateau of tufa rock, almost like it's been carved straight from its roots.
    • All were so-called tufa towers, formations of calcium carbonate deposited by the mineral-rich lake water, which is two and a half times saltier than seawater and eighty times more alkaline.
    • Among the 30 different types of stone recognized are varieties of diorite, granite, bedded tuff, sandstones, limestones, and tufa.