Translation of tug in Spanish:


tirar de, v.

Pronunciation /təɡ//tʌɡ/

transitive verbtugged, tugging

  • 1

    (sleeve/cord) tirar de
    (sleeve/cord) jalar (de) Southern Cone Latin America
    • Max looked abruptly away and down, as if a small boy had suddenly tugged at his sleeve.
    • Jan grabs her braid and tugs it, ignoring her startled outcry.
    • Rachael screamed, throwing herself down next to me and grabbing my arm, tugging it.
    • On the field, they tug their opponents' shirts and fall over like skittles at the slightest contact.
    • She let out a strangled cry when he grabbed a handful of her hair and tugged her head back.
    • Cyril reached for his boots and tugged them on, and then pulled a shirt over his head.
    • Soon Dougal turned over pulling the covers with him and she tugged them back over her.
    • The old man grabbed hold of it and tugged it from its confinement, dragging it out into the driveway.
    • She scrambled to her feet, but a hand clutched around her ankle, tugging her back.
    • A yellow school bus pulled in front of us and Sera tugged my arm and James just followed us.
    • He pulled a strap across her arms, tugged it tight and buckled it.
    • She tugs Mike's arm, pulling him down into an awkward kneel.
    • I hold it tightly as I step out, pulling the lever for the passenger seat and tug it forward.
    • Slowly and steadily I reel it in, remembering Glyn's advice not to tug the hook too suddenly.
    • As he traipsed off tugging his shirt, he looked a little unhappy.
    • I pulled as hard as I could, tugging his arm, trying to get him back up to the forest floor.
    • He murmured, gently tugging my arm and pulling me into his lap.
    • It stuck like glue and no matter how hard he tugged it, it just wouldn't budge.
    • She tugged at Rob's sleeve with just enough force to suggest that she would tug much harder if he did not comply with her wishes.
    • I was going to throw away the thick wad of paper he gave me when Terry suddenly tugged at my arm.
  • 2

    a boy tugging a heavy suitcase along un chico con una pesada maleta a rastras
    • He said the ship was being tugged to a shipwrecking yard when the tugboat's cables broke and high tides pushed the tanker to shallow water where it ran aground.
    • Recently, the ship was tugged back to the Steel yard and covered with a tarp for the winter where it will begin renovations.
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intransitive verbtugged, tugging

  • 1

    to tug at sth tirar de algo
    • he tugged at my sleeve me tiró de la manga
    • to tug on sth jalar algo


  • 1

    tirón masculine
    jalón masculine Southern Cone Latin America
    to give sth a tug tirar de algo
    • she still felt the tug of her native land todavía le tiraba su tierra
    • There was a hard tug and then it steadied out and I began to descend.
    • Tucking the end of the sash between my thumb and the palm of my hand, I gave a hard tug, undoing the knot.
    • I felt a sudden tug on the stick and a horrible cracking sound.
    • In frustration, she gave her hardest tug to yank the arrow out.
    • Before I knew what was going on, I felt a tug and was pulled into a warm embrace.
    • Still holding the mast, Sydney grabbed at the bag, managing to rip it down after two hard tugs.
    • Then he felt a sudden tug and the pad was wrenched from his grasp.
    • There was a sudden tug and then a rush of light and then he was out.
    • He was frightened by her hard tug and the weight of his armor made him clatter to the floor.
    • Reaching for the door handle, he grabbed it and gave it a hard tug.
    • Fiona gave the cloth a good, hard tug and stepped back, dusting her hands together.
    • You give your ropes a tug and pull all the other man's pegs out.
    • There was a sudden tug, and the cloak around his shoulders was torn away.
    • She woke up the next morning to feel a hard tug on her arm.
    • He began drawing a detailed picture of an angel when a sudden tug on his shoulders nearly made him fall off the bench.
    • Unable to get it out with a simple tug, he pulled one of the two pistols out of his holster.
    • I felt a small tug pull my robe; I turned to face a small child, staring up at me.
    • We carried on running and a minute later I felt a hard tug on my arm.
    • About 5 minutes later I felt a hard tug, and started reeling in the fish.
    • I took the edge of the blanket and gave it a hard tug pulling the whole thing off the bed.
  • 2also tug boat

    remolcador masculine