Translation of tumble in Spanish:


voltereta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtəmbəl//ˈtʌmb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (of acrobat)
    voltereta feminine
    • She can perform huge vertical or horizontal leaps, often resulting in gymnastic tumbles and rolls in midair.
    • I have never recaptured the excitement of running up to begin a tumble or of preparing for that first round-off and back-flip.
    • Hampton has been into fitness since she took her first tumble in gymnastics as a young girl.
    • He did the high wire. He did the acrobat tumbles.
  • 2

    caída feminine
    to take a tumble caerse
    • The day was filled with crashes and tumbles in the deep powder.
    • ‘I didn't feel great,’ she admitted, confessing to having had a hip injury since she took a tumble in her previous track race in America last weekend.
    • When he tumbles headlong down some stairs, we're treated to a slow-motion pan, looking down on him.
    • Her helmet had fallen off in the undignified tumble.
    • The woman fell to the ground in a small tumble.
    • Ry jumped around stage in excitement before falling off it in a faked tumble of limbs.
    • He took a nasty tumble.
    • McSharry won despite taking a tumble at the 23-miles mark.
    • You take your tumbles with good grace and always come up smiling.
    • Fulham appeal for a penalty when Brevett takes a tumble in the area.
    • He certainly gave it his all until a tumble in the second half saw him pick up an horrific leg injury.
    • He has failed to recover fully from the broken neck which he suffered in a horrible tumble.
    • She took a tumble and banged up her left knee.
    • A competitor in the under 17 race was taken to casualty with a damaged shoulder after taking a tumble on the descent.
    • She has taken a tumble before, but the compulsory crash helmet, leathers and gloves prevented injuries.
    • The condition means a simple tumble can leave the 14-year-old with broken bones and Hayley has suffered more than 200 fractures since she was born.
    • In my fifth month, I received a phonecall from England informing me that my grandfather had fallen over; nothing life-threatening, just a simple tumble in the garden.
    • I caught up with the globetrotting Frenchman in Brisbane and discovered that besides the odd tumble from his motorbike, Gerard has also fallen in love.
    • Hopefully, the drawbacks will be overcome before somebody else takes a painful tumble on the daunting steps in the inky gloom.
    • He is in such decline his defeat only emphasised that the tumble is irreversible.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    he tumbled off his horse se cayó del caballo
    • the basket went tumbling down the slope la cesta se fue rodando cuesta abajo
    • the pile of cans came tumbling down el montón de latas se vino abajo
    • he lost his balance and tumbled over perdió el equilibrio y se cayó
    • I tumbled into bed me dejé caer en la cama
    • Loose chunks of grit and rubble tumbled down on them.
    • He released the gun and tumbled down the stairs.
    • Fat drops tumbled down to slick the streets.
    • All of a sudden, Alli tripped and tumbled down the steps.
    • He tumbled down to the edge and narrowly managed to avoid falling to almost certain death.
    • Rebecca tumbled down after her, and Gabby fell somewhere on top of both of them.
    • She nearly let go and tumbled down the side of the rocks.
    • He tumbled down the stairs and landed at the bottom.
    • I turned over to find I had fallen down the stairs, and I had also hit my arm against the banister as I tumbled down.
    • With a misguided step, Darien tumbled down a steep hill.
    • Her body tumbled down to the ground.
    • He fell forward over the baloneys edge and tumbled down.
    • The leaves tumbled down the path, agitated by a sudden breeze.
    • The excavator had been lowering a skip to the bottom of the hole when it tipped over the edge and tumbled down.
    • She tumbled down the steps, and got knocked unconscious.
    • Suddenly her heel caught in the stairs and she tumbled down, head first, ruining her flowers and expensive hair do.
    • He tumbled down towards the ground, Flintar trailing him.
    • Speaking to the doctor, she found out that Andrea had been hit on the head, tumbled down the stairs and had been caught in a fire.
    • They tumbled down, falling down a small hill then down some brush.
    • Looking up at the water fall she had just tumbled down she decided to keep moving.
  • 2

    (roll, turn)
    (acrobat) dar volteretas
    (kitten/children) revolcarse
    (children/kitten) retozar
    the clothes tumbled around in the machine la ropa daba vueltas en la máquina
    • A fractured bone in her foot restricted Pam to tumbling and vaulting only once a week leading up to the competition.
    • If you want to juggle, fly on the trapeze, tumble: here's the place to do it.
    • Gonzales tumbled well on floor, showing a double layout, Arabian double front, full-in, and whip to double pike.
    • I will probably have to get surgery after Worlds because, for now, I can't tumble at all.
    • They threw themselves through the air, others tumbled, cartwheeled and bounced.
    • She remembered weather like this when she would get thrown up in stunts, yelling out cheers, tumbling until it hurt.
    • She earned her highest score of the day, a 9.525, on floor exercise, where she tumbled a split-leg double layout.
    • Being able to balance on her hands, to turn cartwheels, to tumble and flip is part of who she is.
    • On floor exercise one gymnast tumbled a double layout, two whips to double pike, and stuck full-in dismount.
    • In 1999, she suffered the same injury to her left knee while tumbling on floor exercise.
    • Stacey's parents saw talent in their daughter, who loved tumbling on their front lawn with her best friend.
    • People who easily tumble on land can become quickly disoriented trying to do the same move in the water.
    • The specialized art of jumping, tumbling, and balancing, requiring agility and skilful control of the body.
    • But he tumbled several high double layouts on floor exercise, and caught both a Kolman and layout Kovacs on high bar.
    • They tumble, juggle, balance, swing and hula hoop with a confidence and humour far beyond what you would expect for students of a tertiary course.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make untidy)
    (hair) alborotar
    the bedclothes were all tumbleed la cama estaba revuelta
  • 2

    (toss, turn)
    hacer girar