Translation of tummy in Spanish:


barriga, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtʌmi//ˈtəmi/

nounPlural tummies


  • 1

    barriga feminine informal
    pancita feminine informal
    tripita feminine Spain informal
    guatita feminine Chile informal
    • Baby dogs get upset tummies all the time, especially Goldens - there's nothing they won't try to eat.
    • It feels wonderful, the intellectual equivalent of having your tummy tickled.
    • With Britney baring her belly every chance she gets, tummies are getting more attention than ever.
    • Chucky's temperature is normal but his tummy is showing signs of tenderness.
    • I feel fitter, and running my hand over my tummy now and finding there is not so much of it there any more makes me feel great!
    • Little Chloe Hampson may have missed out on her chance of swimming with dolphins because of a tummy upset.
    • Our initial examination of the kitten revealed a huge umbilical hernia - a lump on her tummy as big as a chestnut.
    • My tummy will be so trim, my pelvis will stop it from ever touching the wall.
    • Doctors told the expectant mother that she had a tummy bug and a slight whiplash.
    • I had had four children and I wanted to get rid of the excess round my tummy.
    • In three weeks, if all goes to plan, we'll hear the heart of our baby, beating inside of my tummy.
    • I had a tummy ache from drinking two cans of Red Bull and gobbling a Snickers bar half hour before the test.
    • When I found out that the tummy bug I'd been suffering from, was in fact a baby, I sat on the stairs and cried.
    • If he were back home, his mom would rub his tummy and give him an aspirin to calm his nerves.
    • Conventional painkillers can sometimes cause upset tummies, and herbal medicines, such as Devil's Claw and Bromelain, can often be quite valuable as pain-relievers - without any side effects.
    • My feet and legs are back to normal, and my tummy is deflating visibly.
    • Before I knew it my tummy boiled and bubbled and reacted in the generally unruly way that neglected tummies do.
    • With a full tummy, you can pay for your meal by swiping your card through a nifty wireless gadget.
    • It had a little bite on its back, a swollen tummy and was full of fleas.
    • Hastie said during the morning she changed John's nappy and thought his lower tummy was swollen.