Translation of tune in Spanish:


melodía, n.

Pronunciation /tjuːn//t(j)un/


  • 1

    (melody) melodía feminine
    (piece) canción feminine
    (piece) tonada feminine
    I remember the tune, but not the words me acuerdo de la música pero no de la letra
    • there's not much tune to his songs sus canciones no tienen mucha melodía / no son muy melódicas
    • I'm sick of hearing the same old tune estoy harto de oír siempre la misma cantinela
    • to dance to another tune ponerse como una malva
    • to the tune of the Marseillaise con la música de la Marsellesa
    • Their programme will include Irish tunes and slow airs, some Scottish tunes and Yiddish folk music!
    • After churning out some of Bollywood's most melodious tunes, music directors and partners Jatin-Lalit are all set to go.
    • Schuman's scoring cannot change the music or the basic tune.
    • Jayachandran dismisses the allegation that some of the music composers lift the tune from old songs.
    • Today, the folks sway to the tunes of Hindustani classical music.
    • I started to hum a tune along with the music I was playing.
    • His tunes for the melodious music of Baiju Bawra and Mother India still hold listeners spellbound.
    • They performed a variety of music from simple tunes to Beethoven and from classical to jazz.
    • Full of sparking little tunes, these pieces are huge fun and they contribute greatly to the magical sound world of this disc.
    • The music was some catchy tunes by Richard Rodgers that my friend and I were humming incessantly!
    • She was singing a little song that she had made up from the tune of the music box her mother had given her.
    • Ella and I danced of course, to both upbeat, lively tunes and slow melodies.
    • If I had to suggest a downside to the Patio, it would have to be the choice of tunes masquerading as background music.
    • The poem is set to the music of the British tune, To Anacreon in Heaven.
    • Those interested need not worry about knowing the tunes as sheet music will be provided on the night.
    • She begins to hum the tune of the music, weeping, as the Artist strides away.
    • For the fanfares and songs, the music director used tunes from Byrd's Battle and other programmatic courtly pieces.
    • The characters walked around the place shaking hands and interacting with kids as they gently danced with them to the tunes at the background music.
    • He was singing softly at the tune of the melody too.
    • This one abounds with marvelous music, and familiar tunes brought to life by mostly classically-trained voices.

transitive verb

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    (instrument) afinar
    • I never could decide if he tuned the guitars a half-step lower to get that sound, or if my turntable was set too fast.
    • She has as much chance of fixing it as a gorilla has of tuning a violin.
    • Viggo was completely engrossed with tuning his guitar.
    • Frank and Joseph were tuning their respective guitars, while Alistair was fiddling with a screw on his drum set.
    • Advertisements for a piano tuning school pictured a woman tuning an upright piano.
    • Who would expect a Swiss army knife to be capable of tuning a piano?
    • Finally a string broke with a noise that sounded like a badly tuned guitar.
    • I did have one of those moments in the violin concerto when I wondered whether the violin was tuned sharp, or whether it was written that way, or whether I was being Ms Cloth Ears.
    • Virginia was tuning her guitar to the keyboard at which Susan had seated herself.
    • No one tunes a piano with a hammer, but I sometimes see racers take a sledgehammer approach to tuning engines.
    • It will take money to tune the pianos, but that is far less than what it would cost to purchase a new piano.
    • One of them was tuning a bass guitar, listening to the laughter around him.
    • Pretty soon, the group are providing a perfectly rhythmic and tuned percussion backing.
    • Now this isn't the only way to tune musical instruments.
    • She stood and tuned her violin for a few moments, and then opened the music to the Tchaikovsky concerto.
    • When I got there, Tyler was sitting behind the drums, Nick was tuning his guitar, and Josh was pulling double duty with the bass and singing.
    • He tuned the piano for us the first day he arrived-he had perfect pitch.
    • Keiko stared at the doorway as Kakeru tuned his new violin.
    • The MC's announcement and the sound of Rory tuning his guitar before the opening song, ‘Cradle Rock’, gives an atmospheric intro to the album.
    • The club was a cacophony of down tuned guitars, slap bass and the drummer's double kick.
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    Motor vehicles
    (engine) poner a punto
    (engine) afinar
    • The diesel mechanics had worked indoors prior to 1988, during which time diesel engines were run indoors during servicing and tuning.
    • Before tuning the engine, you must use a fuel injector additive to improve injection.
    • The engines we were using were tuned for reliability, not speed.
    • It is nowhere near as big and threatening as top-end SUVs and, thanks to suspension tuned for tarmac rather than mud, rides quite well on the road.
    • Clark says any poorly tuned engine can pollute.
    • This gives people the chance to slow down to hear how beautifully your cousin Alberto has tuned your engine.
    • The fully independent suspension has been tuned with performance in mind.
    • The instructions for tuning the motor seem to be off a different car entirely.
    • I had spent months, when I was younger, tuning that engine.
    • Schumacher still loves race karts and he can sometimes still be found at the track tuning the engines, mucking in.
    • GM's High Performance Vehicle Operations tuned the suspension and upgraded the brakes of the SS.
    • What a difference in performance when your body, like your vehicle, is finely tuned and ‘adjusted’.
    • If you show me a dad who thinks he's a great car mechanic, I will show you a badly tuned engine.
    • The suspension is tuned for a balance between comfort and handling and is OK by me for everyday motoring.
    • The suspension has been specifically tuned with emphasis on ride comfort.
    • The sound of a well tuned engine was heard by all.
    • The body is considerably more rigid which enhances safety and suspension tuning.
    • No one tunes a piano with a hammer, but I sometimes see racers take a sledgehammer approach to tuning engines.
    • Only a perfectly tuned engine can turn in the fuel consumption figures ratified for a vehicle by the Government.
    • The company's acoustic boffins tuned the engine to introduce a throatier sounding note, so the all enveloping deep bass throb rising to spine tingling wail exists.
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    Television Radio
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    • Each output port includes optical receivers which are tuned to the same fixed wavelength which is specific to the output port.
    • You and I have our own tastes in music, and we tune in to whatever radio station suits us.
    • My brother is a priest in Zimbabwe and we would be interested to know how both he and I can tune in to the broadcasts.
    • My first memories of listening to the John Peel show was in bed, under the covers, with my little transistor radio tuned to BBC Radio 1 in 1977.
    • Many old-timers remember the romance of tuning in to the radio shows.
    • Those on the Celtic bus tuned in to listen to Rangers playing Aberdeen.
    • The radio had been tuned to some sort of country station that I had never heard of before.
    • Listeners are also tuning in to Radio Lincolnshire for around 13.5 hours each week.
    • I tuned in just to watch the top ten count down,.
    • The radio was already tuned to WABC, the dial set there on my ride home from work where Sean Hannity usually keeps me entertained.
    • Millions of television viewers tuned in as the couple exchanged their vows live on GMTV on September 3.
    • He hears a beep from his radio, which is tuned to the LAPD band.
    • Anywhere in the crowd it was possible to tune a transistor radio to a translation in the language of your choice.
    • All we could here was the radio which was tuned to 99.9.
    • Some radio telescopes can be tuned to this frequency, but some simply can't.
    • My car radio was constantly tuned to 96 Rock in those days.
    • My radio was tuned to NPR, my primary source of news since I didn't have a TV at the time.
    • All the televisions were tuned to the Weather Channel and workers buttressed the hotel's smoked-glass windows with sheets of plywood.
    • This Radio is tuned to ‘inspirational’ easy listening and that's all we get.
    • My car radio is permanently tuned to Heart 106.2 and Magic.
    • First of all this week, I want to apologise on behalf of T4 for those of you who tuned in to watch Pop Beach Party last Sunday.
    • Millions of fans will be tuning in to watch the match on television.
    • Louise ruefully confessed she rarely tunes in to watch television these days.
    • Some 14 million viewers tuned in to watch the final.
    • She kept a small transistor radio tuned to a lite-rock station, the only sound besides the humming of the drink cases.
    • One radio was tuned to the tanker-control frequency and the other radio directly to the tanker.
    • Amir's father Shah was astonished to hear millions of people back home had tuned in to watch his son fight.
    • Listeners can also tune in to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire who will broadcast from many of the buildings on the day.
    • Every Sunday, millions tune in to watch the instalment of what is essentially a novel take on reality TV.
    • About 7.9 million people tuned in to watch the boat race last year.
    • Investigators found the radio tuned to the wrong VOR frequency.
    • Listeners to BBC Radio Lincolnshire are tuning in for 17 hours and 30 minutes each week.
    • Many hundreds of millions of people around the planet are expected to tune in to watch the announcement.
    • A receiver tuned to this frequency is used to track the path of the line.
    • The radio is tuned to KOTR, known Locally as the Otter.
    • In the days before the widespread use of video, millions tuned in to watch.
    • I was still tuned to Radio Scotland as I drove along the M9.
    • Inside mission control a television is tuned to a public celebration.
    • There is another television, tuned in to the showjumping at Hickstead.
    • With the introduction of a new Asian family in Eastenders I decided to tune in and watch what the new clan had to offer.

intransitive verb

to tune to
Television Radio

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    (station/wavelength) sintonizar algo