Translation of tuneless in Spanish:


poco melodioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈt(j)unləs//ˈtjuːnləs/


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    poco melodioso
    • James took a pull of the coke can in his hand, and whistled a few tuneless bars of the national anthem.
    • He sat as silently and as still as he could, his eyes shut, thinking private thoughts and listening to Max's tuneless, wandering hum.
    • It does feature some the most tuneless whistling we've heard committed to record in a long time.
    • Derek was trying to persuade the manager to play some of his music - tuneless, grating, and likely to cause stomach ulcers.
    • Outside, the first sea birds screeched and offered their own tuneless, harsh version of a dawn chorus.
    • They should spend a little less time smoking wacky baccy and listening to that tuneless rubbish called dance music, and rather more time being seen and not heard.
    • I usually don't listen to tuneless sound collages, but at the end of this album, I was willing to give anything a try.
    • British English, however it may have sounded in Shakespeare's day, has acquired a poetry-enhancing speech melody that tuneless, flat American cannot match.
    • The sound was awful, each song was a tuneless, discordant dirge.
    • Most people fled the pub after the first verse of my tuneless homage to the maestro of Drury Lane musicals,
    • A new piano is just a tuneless lump of strings and wood - a classy piece of furniture, or a rather cumbersome ornament.
    • Will we have to listen to her tuneless chanting for eternity?
    • He did not even appear to be listening; his eyes were on the floor of the cave, his hands in his pockets, and his lips were pursed in a tuneless whistle.
    • We listened to several tuneless renditions of Little Donkey then breathed collective sighs of relief as we heard them shuffle on to the next house.
    • For seven minutes the quartet play a tuneless dirge that occasionally changes and is entwined with a slowly oscillating synthesizer.
    • In a good mood once again, he hummed a tuneless melody and headed back for his room.
    • As I hung up he'd started to whistle, that wobbly tuneless whistle that's unmistakeably elderly.
    • Oh, the joy of hearing a top-class brass section and not the ugly tuneless gabbling which passes for popular music today.
    • He was a vast hulk of a man, who hummed a tuneless melody to himself as he lumbered down the corridors.
    • Every song sounds like a somewhat tuneless reprise, albeit not of itself; one is entitled ‘Nothing Will Ever Be the Same,’ although disproof lies close at hand.