Translation of turbine in Spanish:


turbina, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtəːbʌɪn//ˈtərˌbaɪn//ˈtərˌbɪn//ˈtəːbɪn/


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    turbina feminine
    • Usually, you just use heat to heat up water, which turns into steam that turned a turbine.
    • The heat is not wasted but is used to make steam that drives a turbine that generates electricity.
    • The dam made hydroelectric power possible by forcing water through giant turbines.
    • Plastic is used for the turbine and compressor wheels, which have low inertia and mass.
    • Unfortunately there was enough hot air in it to power a turbine.
    • The steam that made the turbine rotate is condensed back into water and is recycled to the heat exchanger.
    • The devices made by the students included wind and water-powered turbines and solar water heaters.
    • This heat can be used to boil water, producing steam to run a turbine that turns an electric generator.
    • The din of helicopter blades and the roar of jet engines and naval turbines can herald war as surely as gunshots and explosions.
    • They can be cut and burnt to produce steam to power turbines.
    • After powering the turbines, the steam is condensed back into liquid by the cooling tower.
    • The sound of the rotary is unmistakably unique, somewhere between a jet engine and a turbine.
    • That heat can produce steam which can turn turbines to generate electricity.
    • General Electric is already the biggest maker of turbines for power plants.
    • These new turbines produce 3MW of power each making them the most powerful yet.
    • As we headed south across the keel towards the bow, we swam over the turbines in the exposed engine-room.
    • He said the bridge would be equipped with tidal turbines, powered by the force of the sea, to generate electricity.
    • It uses the flow of water to turn a miniature turbine that creates an electric spark that lights the pilot.
    • The machine uses wind power to drive a turbine that sucks water out of the sea, sprays it into the atmosphere and creates clouds.
    • Water power will again turn the mill wheel and drive the turbine to provide electricity to light the building.