Translation of turbo in Spanish:


turbocompresor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtərboʊ//ˈtəːbəʊ/


  • 1

    turbocompresor masculine
    turbo masculine
  • 2informal

    turbo masculine
    • If the vehicle is fitted with a turbo or super charger, over fuelling may be the cause.
    • The turbo does not kick in.
    • Power doesn't hit hard like a turbo, it just whooshes in as the revs climb quickly.
    • With 136 bhp the car lacks power - a turbo version is coming-but more disappointing is the light, inconsistent steering.
    • Another important benefit of air bearings is packaging, especially the ability to mount the turbo at any angle.
    • Like turbos, superchargers like to gorge on fresh air and a massive intercooler sits on top of the engine fed by the roof mounted air-scoop.
    • The turbo for example can be enhanced to improve combustion without restricting airflow, allowing the engine to burn fuel more fully and efficiently.
    • Plus, the steering simply could not cope with the car's erratically delivered turbo power.
    • The turbo engine gives competitive pace, but a little more money buys the sonorous V5 version.
    • The turbo simply refused to wake up and as a result there was absolutely no power at all.
    • The turbo gives great mid-range flexibility.
    • I happen to like the whistling of the turbo to remind me of what's going on in the engine bay just behind my back, although I imagine some might find it irritating.
    • Its gentle whistle sounds like a tempest tumbling madly through a turbo.
    • If you think this is no more than a VW Phaeton with twin turbos and a longer wheelbase, you're missing the point.
    • It is blindingly quick, although you needed to keep the engine spinning because of the turbo lag.
    • Massive power is not much fun on a public road if a car suffers from turbo lag.